It’s been a busy month around these parts and we’re coming out the other end just now.  So there are some things I’ve been intending to blog about, and hopefully will get around to them soon:

1) Ellie’s dedication.  What an incredibly special day this was!  There are definitely words I want to put down here, to capture it.  (and goshdarnit, as IF she is this cute)

2) The family that was around for the past 2 weeks.  Hence the Whirlwind  title.  But the good kind of a whirlwind.

3) the new dishwasher that is currently running and actually cleaning our dishes. (Hey, I never said the blog topics would be interesting)

4) The fact that I was actually a mother on this past Mother’s Day.

5) Ultimate Frisbee.  I actually don’t have much to say other than, we just started our 5th year of playing ultimate together.  (By “we” I mean Ben and I, but really…the we includes a wonderful group of people much larger than the 2 of us).

But currently, it’s 11:11 pm, my daughter is asleep and I am about to settle onto the couch with my husband and a glass of red wine.  See you soon!


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