5 months

5 whole months little girl.  What can I say? (other than this post is coming ridiculously late…)

You continue to be such a happy baby, for which your dad and I are so thankful.  There are just 2 (albeit kind of long) things I want to mention about this month.  They are unrelated, but for me, sum up this month for you.  

The first one being that you were dedicated this month.  You won’t remember a lick about this day, but we certainly will. There are few things more special than standing in front of our church family and giving you back to God, who saw fit to make us your parents.  Ellie, if there is one thing we want you to know again and again and again as you grow up it’s that you are HIS.  You will come to understand the layers and layers to the depth of that statement as you grow (heck, we’re still discovering what that means for US), but our prayer for you is that knowing that you’re God’s child shapes all of who you are and what you do in this world.

The second thing is this, Ellie. I gotta be honest, I have always balked at the saying “they grow up so fast” when it comes to talking about kids.  Because really? You grow up at the exact same pace as everyone else in this world.  No day is longer than the next, and no person grows at an exponential rate.  I mean, I get it…I get what it means and how quickly you grow and change, but I guess I’ve always tried to avoid having that mentality; that you’ll instantly be an 18 year old if I don’t watch out.    But if I had to summarize how I felt this past month, it’s that the days were fleeting.

You do SO many amazing things each day, and some of them aren’t even note worthy.  Like, case in point – one day, you just started doing this with your hands:

And then you just stare at your finger.  I found it so cute that I took a picture of it.  No one else in the world will care about this…I mean, my goodness, you’re JUST crossing your fingers.  There’s no space in your baby book to document the day you started doing this exact thing.  But here’s the thing;  You stopped doing it just as quick as you started.  You moved on to something bigger, better and more advanced.  (If I’m lucky, I still catch you doing it every so often).  And I had NO chance to say goodbye to that one little thing that you do.  Just like I’ll have no idea when you’ll stop crossing your ankles, or sticking your tongue out constantly (also products of month 5), or scratching my and dad’s shoulder when we hold you.  All these little things that are so insignificant but make us smile so.  And before we know it, those little things will pass, without any warning.   So yes, these days are fleeting.  And I’m doing my best to soak in every.single.moment of who you are today, knowing that tomorrow brings something new for you to do and discover.

Ellie, as your momma, I’m learning a lot about the juxtaposition between the immense joy that exists in watching you grow and the sadness in leaving behind the bits of you that you have outgrown.  And the reality is that 5 months will turn into 6, and then 7 and then a year, and then, well heck, before you know it, you WILL be 18….just like they all said would happen.  So, you’ll forgive me if I take silly little pictures, like the one of your fingers, or of your ankles crossed, or of you staring at your hands.  Because you at 5 months is a wonderful version of you, one that I want to forever remember.

Happy 5 months baby girl. 


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