Things That Are Cool: The 2012 Edition

A couple of years ago I posted a list of things that seemed to be “in”.  I put a pretty large disclaimer in that post that this wasn’t the definitive list of what was deemed “cool” in 2010, because heck….I’m faaaaaar from what you’d call “hip and with it”,  and I’m gonna go ahead and slap that label on this post as well.  This certainly isn’t the list you should come running to if you’re trying to up your cool factor, but they ARE things that seem to just be prevalent in the lives of those around me. (See? I just used prevalent in a blog….TOTALLY not cool).  So, saddle up and take notes, here’s Karmyn’s List of Things That Are Cool in 2012:

  1. Instagram
  2. Using hashtags even though you’re not on twitter.  #anyonecandoit
  3. Quinoa
  4. Posting a card onto facebook from someecards that speaks to some relevant topic in a humorous way.  
  5. Pinterest.  (I feel like this one should have several sub-points of it’s own…but we’ll just leave it at this for now)
  6.  A lot more D.IY projects, crafts, elaborate desserts and meals thanks to the aforementioned Pinterest.  
  7. In reality, making people think you are about to do a lot more D.I.Y projects, crafts and elaborate meals and desserts simply because you’ve pinned them.
  8. Having babies.  (right? RIGHT? Give me something here guys)
  9. Things that are vintage.  Like clothes, purses, camping trailers, picture frames, etc.  This may be a direct reason that item # 1 is cool.  
  10. Complaining about timeline on facebook.  But not just complaining about how it sucks, but also complaining about how it’s been looming in the wings for while and now it’s GOT YOU.  And when it does, it’s apparently your duty as a good facebook citizen to complain about how you’ve been Timelined.  Like it’s a verb.
  11. Having a garden where you grow your own produce, which keeps you sustained through the whole summer.  Giving all of the “overflow” to your friends because you just have “way too much rhubarb to know what to do with”.  (this one I’m jealous of…I really wish I could just walk outside and pick my lunch)
  12. Having bridesmaids dresses that are different shades of neutral.  (Ok, so this is one that only a specific group of people would find cool, but seriously, I have seen A LOT of wedding pictures from this summer with that colour palate)
  13. Large, dark framed glasses.
  14. Decorating with Mason jars.

Ok folks, there you have it.  The non-extensive list of things that are cool.  As determined by me.  Which really doesn’t say a whole heck of a lot. But as long as I end with a hashtag it will make me seem credible. #you’vealreadyforgottenthatI’mnotreallycool


One thought on “Things That Are Cool: The 2012 Edition

  1. 1) I had no idea what a hashtag was until I read this and thought that people had developed some typo jargon I was way out of the loop on… Which in retrospect is true I guess… Thank you for enlightening me

    2) I feel like #10 was written about me … But I need to clarify… Timeline WAS looming in the wings and it did sneak up and get me!!! Therefore I DID get timelined and IT IS a verb … Thus, being the good Facebook citizen that I am ( thank you for noticing my fb etiquette) I did let the world know … In case they had no idea what to do when they visited my wall and it looked different 😉 (cuz lets be honest, I have no idea what to do with it now !)

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