Lunch in the Garden

Well…technically, just our backyard – which is kind of a garden.I love these pictures.  When Ellie eats lunch with me, it’s usually in the house, strapped in her high chair, while I whisk around preparing my own lunch in between giving her bites of food.  

When Ellie eats lunch with Ben, it turns into a magical daddy-daughter date in the great outdoors.  He is a great dad.  Hands down.  

Plus, just prior to lunch, he took her around the backyard to show her the flowers.  The best part is her cute little naked bum.  (We’d been giving her some fresh air to cure a little rash)   

Parenthood is lots of things, most parts good, some parts challenging, and a few parts that you just want to trade in for the old days sans kids.  But it’s moments like these, just small, little insignificant moments that pile up and up and up, making this the best thing we’ve ever done.

(and yes, the 8 month post is coming…as is the recap of my amazing birthday party that Ben threw me.  It involved Olympic games, a cute little baby torch, and 297 cotton balls glued to my head.  Stay tuned…)


2 thoughts on “Lunch in the Garden

  1. Luanne Bokma says:

    Oh, my goodness! Love, love, love it! Very sweet to see and read about the preciousness of your little family! Makes our hearts melt over here and be very eager once again to be over there!

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