8 Months


You are 8 months old!(well…and a few weeks…you know how this goes by now).  

We had a good month together, little one.  We didn’t do too much out of the ordinary, but I’m learning that with you around, I don’t actually have to do much to have great, full days.  We went to a cottage with Uncle James and Auntie Christy, and you did great.  You rode on your first boat, swam in a lake, pooped at least 6 times a day (seriously kid….you were the pooping champ on this trip), and loved having more people to play with you.  

Now let’s talk about frisbee (some more).  It’s been fun watching you grow up this summer, and one of the ways we can tell that it’s happening is how much more chill you are while your dad and I play frisbee.  Back in May, when the season started, the 4 month version of you would cry quite a bit.  In fairness, we were asking you to be out RIGHT when you should have been both eating and then, napping, so I get it.  But this month, it was so great to just know you would be (mostly) content to just sit on your blanket, with toys surrounding you, eating a cracker.  And then you’d very happily play with whoever was on the sidelines.  After each game, we’d go out with our team for food and drinks, and even though you probably should have been sleeping, you would instead, be schmoozing with our teammates, often at the other end of the table from your dad and I – because let’s be honest, you don’t need us around cramping your style right kiddo?   You should know that you have a lot of fans out there Ellie, and I can completely understand why.

You still have no teeth and aren’t so much moving around yet.  These aren’t a big deal, but I felt like I should at least note them since I get asked about these 2 things fairly often.  It’s fun watching you play, because you are quite adept at grabbing for things that are (seemingly) out of your reach.  It’s like you’ve made up your mind that you have no use for crawling, and you’ll get along just fine without it thankyouverymuch.  I think that’s awesome.  It makes me chuckle.  You are so content to sit and play and if you can’t quite reach a toy, you just find something else to entertain you.  Resourceful is what that is, and I like it.  It would be quite fine with me if you waited a few more months before tearing around the house, as that will drastically increase the amount I need to be paying attention to what you’re doing.  

And finally, in the category of things-that-are-insignificant-but-totally-make-my-day, you are a pointer.  As in, you point at everything.  And goshdarnit, if this isn’t the cutest thing.  Your chubby little index finger waving around all day long as if everything in the room is worth its own individual moment in the spotlight.  It’s literally the first thing you do when we pick you up from your crib in the morning or after a nap.  It’s like you’re saying “Good morning mom….yeah, I slept great…today’s another awesome day….ok, now let’s look at things in great detail mmmmk? We’ll start with the light switch….and now let’s move to the blinds….oh! And there’s my books on the floor-  MY BOOKS, MOM, MY BOOKS!”.     And on top of this, you do this little “oh” face as you’re pointing, and it’s either coupled with a verbal “oh”, or you just blow out, with enough force that I can actually feel it on my face.  You are so filled with wonder, little one.  Things that I pass by daily, have captured you, and oh how that captures me.   Watching the world through your eyes is one of my favourite things about being your mom.  I really do hope and pray that you never lose the wonder and that you always find life in the little things.   

Happy 8 months Cubbie.  (and why we call you Cubbie will have to wait for another post on another day).


One thought on “8 Months

  1. Hello there little niece, you keep getting cuter by the day. I can see why you call her Cubbie, maybe because she looks like a bear cub. Any way, I am sure to hear the reason soon. Happy close to 8. 5 months Elliana, can’t wait to see your beautiful face along with mommy’s in about a months time. Love you and miss you oh! soooo much Auntie Sara

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