Cheat Night

When you have a baby a lot changes in your world (Earth shattering news, I know).  Clearly, this is nothing new, and Ben and I obviously were prepared for many of these changes.  Let’s pause for a minute and mourn the loss of sleeping in all together now shall we?  (Actually, Ellie is such an awesome sleeper that we’re often awake before her).  But there are subtle changes you don’t really think about.  For example, although Ellie has been going to bed at a reasonable hour for several months now, we got accustomed to staying up later and later, even though we weren’t bouncing a small baby on an exercise ball for hours on end.  

And eating.  I wasn’t quite prepared that having a baby would plummet any healthy eating goals I once had.  Between the early nursing days that leave you ravenous for anything in your path,  to the current days of snacking at the kitchen counter while I make sure Ellie is getting a healthy well balanced lunch in her, I haven’t been as good at maintaining healthy eating goals.  

All that to say, a while back Ben and I established some goals for our little family, just to make sure we are living up to our fullest potential as people.  I won’t post the extensive list, but here are a few of the things on our list:

  • Eat 2 vegetables and 2 fruits each day
  • No more than one serving of bread a day
  • Get exercise 3-5 times a week
  • Have a new couple from church to our house once a month
  • Go out with a youth (from our youth group) once every 2 weeks
  • Do not eat anything past 9pm except fruit or vegetables
  • Do not watch TV after 10pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends
  • Aim to be in bed by no later than 11:30 pm on weekdays.

Simple things, but hopefully things that just keep us on track to healthy, balanced living.  

Of course, with every set of rules, there needs to be room for some sort of cheating, and if we stick to these rules each week, we’ve given ourselves a cheat night on the weekend. And I love it.  It is seriously great motivation as I forgo a late night snack, knowing that awaiting me on the weekend is a night filled with reward.  This past weekend it was just Ben and I, staying up far too late, eating food which has no nutritional value, and a Community marathon on Netflix.    

So, here is to working hard at the little things; which, when added up, can mean big, healthy changes. And of course, to the cheating that makes following the little things worth doing in the first place .




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