11 Months



You are exactly eleven months and eleven days old.  Which means that I took my sweet time writing this post.  It also means that in exactly 19 days you will be ONE. Sweet mercy child, why must you insist on getting bigger?

There are a few things about month eleven that are worth noting, the first being that you started crawling!  It really was so fun watching you finally realize that you are brave enough to actually lunge from sitting onto your hands and knees and go somewhere, and although I joke about how little I had to be responsible when you couldn’t go anywhere, I’m glad your world grew a little bit bigger.  Watching you explore and discover is one of my favourite things to do kiddo, and if that means I have to pay a little closer attention to where you’re going, then I think I still win.DSC_0313

You still are a champion sleeper (even if we did have a bit of an earlier few weeks in there), and my absolute favourite time of the day is when you first wake up in the morning. Your dad and I have come up with a great system where, when we first hear you making noise in the morning, we first wait you out.  Usually, you like to pull a pre-emptive strike, just to see if we’ll bite, and if we don’t, you usually fall back asleep.  When you DO decide that it’s time to wake up, dad is the lucky one who gets to go get you.  He brings you to our bed, where I nurse you, and he heads to the spare room to catch some more sleep. Ellie, if there’s one thing you are, it’s a NOISY eater. For months now, whenever you’re tired, or really enjoying your food, (so in the early morning, it’s the double whammy), you make this noise that we affectionately like to call your engine.  It seriously sounds like you’re revving an engine over and over, and we love it.  But, it does make it hard for dad to fall back asleep while you’re doing it, so off to his “second bed” he goes.

You nurse for a while, while I doze, and when you’re finished you are a champion cuddler.  You, me, and Ducky get some serious quality time together.  When I can finally pull myself away from having you nuzzled right into me, I walk you back to bed, and you sleep for a few more hours…in fact…we all do.  These are sweet days Ellie, and I know they will be something I miss when you outgrow them.


People spoke of this magical time when children become like a sponge, and Ellie, you are THERE.  And it truly is just as awesome as everyone says it is.  I literally feel like I could teach you something new every day, and you’d retain it.  It makes me feel like you are a GENIUS, (which, you are), but I’m realistic enough to know that it’s pretty normal at this stage.  It ALSO makes me feel like I hold this unspeakable power, wherein I get to decide what things you’ll learn.  That is why you now know how to snort like a pig.  Because, really, that’s a pretty awesome thing to know.  (And no, you can’t really do it, but you DO now know what a pig is and constantly point to the one on our calendar, and kind of attempt a noise which is even cuter than a snort).  Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll teach you productive things too.


In all seriousness, it is so fun watching you learn.  You know the signs (as in, sign language) for all kinds of things – you LOVE to sign the word LIGHT, and will point out every light we see, all day every day.  I love watching you pick up the littlest things we do (like when I had a cold for a week, and then one day you just randomly put a kleenex to my nose and started blowing with your mouth… see? GENIUS!) And mostly, I love how you watch me and your dad pray.  You are SO intrigued, and it’s as if you know something special is happening.  You are always quiet, and just look from me, to dad, and then back to me.  We try and each hold  one of your hands while we pray for meals together, and the only way you’ll do it, is if we all hold hands together, the three of us, all holding the same hand.  I love that.  You, in your own way are uniting our family, and Ellie, it is our hope that prayer is always what unites us as a family.


You are so loved by us Elliana.

Happy Eleven Months.


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