Lucky Streak

It all began in November.  I was at a baby shower and playing the typical baby shower games.  You know the ones.  Baby Gift Bingo, coming up with baby names, Guess the Nursery Rhyme…the usual.

And I was on a hot streak.  Well, as much of a hot streak as you can be in a houseful of women oohing and ahhing over a pack of diapers.  I won the first game, and then kind of embarrassingly, won the second game too.  It was only embarrassing because I was upstairs putting Ellie down for a nap when the game started and I joined halfway through. I asked the host what the game was about, and she felt bad, but admitted that it was too late for me to join.   It was a timed game, and the first person to finish won.  I figured I’d at least try, and get part of the game finished, and wouldn’t you know it, I won.  I felt a bit bad and maybe slightly too competitive, given the fact that we were at a baby shower, but hey! A game is a game and it’s meant to be won.  And then. THEN.  There was a (TOTALLY RANDOM!) draw at the end of the event for some free movie passes. And well, you can kind of guess where this is going, but I won that too.  I felt a little sheepish winning again and was beginning to worry that I would get a bunch of little cucumber sandwiches thrown at me when I went up to accept my prize.

I came home, showed Ben my loot and declared that the lucky streak had begun.  He chuckled and shook his head at me.  Oh he of little faith.

A few weeks later, I got an email from Angella of Dutch Blitz declaring that I’d won a giveaway on her blog.  The Lucky Streak strikes again!  I am now the proud owner of some Hallmark Christmas Cards and a recordable children’s book about Superheroes.  (Let’s not focus on what I’m winning, just the fact that I am winning mmmmk?) (Although, let’s be honest, a book about Superheroes is pretty awesome).

Just when the glow from my winnings was fading, Ben and I took a little weekend away (remember our Staycation?), and we were checking into our hotel. Ben comes back to the car (because, let’s be honest, I always make him go in and check in while I sit in the car), grinning and holding an envelope.  Without saying any words, he hands me the envelope and on the front it says “Congratulations Mr. Bokma, you are our guest of the day”.  Turns out the lucky streak is contagious! (Who’s doubting me now….BEN!). We enjoyed a free room upgrade, free parking, and ONE free coffee from the restaurant. (I know…ONE.  SLOW DOWN THERE DELTA HOTEL…we’d hate for you to run out of coffee by giving out TWO, or something crazy like that.) (Again, let’s focus on the fact that we’re winning things, and not the things we’re actually acquiring)

And to round things out, a few weekends ago at Ben’s work dinner, during the raffle portion of the evening, guess who’s number was called?  Mr. Guest of the Day himself!  Ben sauntered right up to the prize table and picked us up a Starbucks gift card.

So, to recap:

  • we are on a lucky streak
  • If we were the casino-going type, it’s safe to say that THIS WOULD BE THE MONTH TO DO IT.
  • our prizes aren’t exactly what you’d call elite, but we’re ok with that.  I’m using the crap out of the scented soaps I won at the shower, we have a book about Superheroes just begging to be recorded, and there is a certain envelope plastered on our fridge for all to see. (Ben’s all about celebrating the little things…and then posting them on our fridge).
  • You may want to start hanging out with us more….this streak could be contagious.  If you have a hankering for winning, we’re you’re people.  (well, us or Charlie Sheen…but I’m pretty confident we’re the better option)




2 thoughts on “Lucky Streak

  1. Christy says:

    I won $1 today!! It IS contagious…why couldn’t this have started BEFORE the princess margaret home lottery draw…sigh….

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