Purely for the Grandparents

**Update: Oops! I had the video on a “private” setting…making it impossible for you to see…should work now!**

I took this little video of Ellie tonight for Ben’s parents (since they live far away), and for some reason, can’t get it to attach to any email.

So, this was the next best thing.  You’re all welcome to watch, although it’s just Ellie, eating her dinner and putting on a little demonstration of her tricks.  I’m biased, but DANG it is pretty cute.  I do want to point out a few things:

  • When she is saying hi near the end and puts her hand to her cheek…that’s because she thinks that when you say hi now, it’s supposed to be on a phone…cute right?
  • Annnnd…I promise that I don’t always treat my daughter like a trained seal

The poor girl has pinkeye, so she looks a little worse for wear this evening, and in the video.  But it’s nothing a few eyedrops can’t fix.  It’s a good thing she LOVES getting eyedrops.  Oh wait, nope. Nope she doesn’t.  In fact, I am shocked at how tightly she can keep her eyes closed, even when I am literally prying them open with my fingers.  It’s really just one big old party over here.  You can be invited, but only if you promise to help me restrain my daughter.  uugh.

Anyway, I digress.  Let’s stop thinking about the incredible amounts of green goop oozing out of my daughter’s eyes and re-focus on how cute she is.  Mom and Dad B, hope you enjoy!


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