How Is It REALLY Going?

I’ve been asked a lot over these weeks how being back at work is going.  For those of you just joining this blog, first off, hello!  Second, to recap, I went back to work on December 1st after a year long maternity leave.

And so here’s a quick update on my life these days:

The Good

  • It’s been SO fun to be back at work.  I’ve loved working parts of my brain that lay dormant for a year, and it’s very affirming to rediscover that I really do love what I do for work. (I’m a youth pastor)
  • I work on a great staff team, and I didn’t realize how much I missed working alongside them.  We have great fun, lots of laughs, great conversations and accomplish much together.  It’s nice to be back in the office with them!
  • It has been very evident that God’s hand has been at work as I work full time.  When I was on maternity leave, I did lots of praying about whether or not I should go back to work full time, and I always heard that I should. I kept praying and trying to hear something different (not because I didn’t want to go back, but I was just sure I was hearing wrong), but it was pretty clear that this is where I needed to be. And boy has God ever provided.  Ben and I have felt really blessed by this transition back to work, and things have gone very smoothly.
  • Ellie has been doing REALLY well through the transition.  She goes to daycare 2 days a week, and that’s been awesome.  It’s a home day care, and the lady is someone we know well (they are in our church), who went to school for early childhood education, and it’s only Ellie and her own 2 kids.  Ellie loves it, and is really happy to be there.  The other three days Ben and I watch Ellie -which is the biggest perk of a flexible work schedule.  Yes, I”m working from home more, and we’re doing a lot of passing each other through the door, but it’s been important for us to be with Ellie as much as possible.

The Not-so-Good

  • Life is crazy busy.  Like beyond ridiculous.  We are managing, surprisingly well, and as I mentioned earlier, it’s evident God is taking care of us because we’ve both felt like things are manageable, but there is very little breathing room in our lives right now.  Our days are full and it kind of feels like one misstep could set the whole balance off.
  • Ben and I are hardly seeing each other.  Because we’ve chosen to try and cover caring for Ellie three days a week, it pretty much means that when Ben is at home, I’m at work, and vice versa.  We are still learning how to find time together, and to be honest, we’ve kind of sucked at it.  We need to figure this one out, and quick, because not seeing each other really isn’t an option on either of our lists.  We kind of like each other too much for that to happen..
  • My immune system keeps FAILING ME.  (C’MON IMMUNE SYSTEM!!).  I have been sick at least once a month since October (which, I know was before work started back), and I think that although that’s just the reality of winter with a small child, a lot of that has to do with my eating and resting habits.  I am currently fighting some sort of throat/cold thing AGAIN and I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • I kind of miss the glorious days of mat leave.  They were free, open, with not much on the agenda except for whatever Ellie and I felt like doing.

So, there you have it, the good and the bad.  Overall, it is good, I’m loving it and the things I get to do.  I do need to make some changes, for my health, my marriage, and let’s be honest, the state of my bathroom (because I’m pretty sure that thing hasn’t been cleaned this ENTIRE year yet…).  A lot of this just takes time, and Ben and I both know we just need to get a few more months under our belt before our family finds a new rhythm, but find it, we will.



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