Ellie turned thirteen months! (I wasn’t sure I would keep up with the pictures, but I think I want to.  Even if, as you can see, they are getting harder and harder to take. Still not sure about the monthly blog letters, but I think I’ll also regret it if I don’t do that too)




Our youth group partnered with a great organization who happen to be in production for a prime time show.  We did their curriculum, put our love into action, and had them come film it all.  It was a lot of work to coordinate, and it definitely stirred up the normal for our group, but it was A LOT of fun to do and created a great buzz with all of us!  I’ll let you know when our episode airs! (I think you can only see it in Canada though…) It kept me BUSY y’all.

Ellie apparently figured out how to climb stairs.  This wasn’t one of my proudest mothering moments, as I sat in our living room, with my feet up, checking my email, thinking my daughter was playing nicely with her toys, only to look up and see her head through the rungs of our bannister, 4 stairs up.  I may have dropped the s-bomb,as I tossed my computer to the side and ran to her aid.  Not that she needed my aid…she was doing just fine playing with whatever enticed her to climb that high anyway.

DSC_0010 DSC_0015

We had a snow day!  Ellie didn’t like it so much.  (I think it was the wind).  She DID however, love getting tossed up in the air over and over again in her snowsuit.  My biceps, did not. (blurry pic, but still worth posting)


Ellie had her first official sick day. (Yeah, she’s been a little bit sick before, but nothing like this).  She spent the whole day burning up, and laying on either Ben and I.  It was a good thing we had nothing planned for the day and that it was the weekend, because I literally spent hours cuddling her.  I didn’t mind so much.

DSC_0048 DSC_0050

We are heading up to our friend’s cabin for the day tomorrow.  We do this every year, and once again, are excited to carry on the tradition.

Enjoy your long weekend! (assuming you get one….)


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