I’m not going to lie, as I sat down to write this I was thinking “How many lame filler posts can I get away with before actually sitting down to write something again?”.

We had a GREAT time in Florida, it was the perfect mix of rest and exploring, relaxing and doing.  We had mostly good weather, although admittedly, half of the days we were there were a little  cold.  But I was still in sandals and not wearing a winter jacket, so I’ll take it.

I do want to write more about our trip, but find myself busily preparing for next week’s March Break activities with our youth.  That’s the thing about a job like mine, taking a vacation means you just have to work extra hard when you get home to catch up.  Oy.

But here are a few pictures to tide you over.


72346_10152259802071029_217080256_n 487462_10152259797961029_1412336522_n



Happy Weekend everyone! (Even if we DO have to lose an hour (of sleep)…unless you’re one of my Saskatchewan readers…then it’s business as usual).


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