Science Project

One of the things that continually amazes me about my husband, is how much stuff he seems to know.  Just random, interesting facts that he can seemingly whip out of thin air to contribute to a conversation.  I am often left wondering “How the HECK do you even know about that??”, as I sit, silent, with nothing of any substance to contribute to whatever conversation we are a part of.

One of the reasons he can do this, is because when he wants to learn about something, he just does.  He reads up on it, asks questions, and just learns what he can.  It’s pretty awesome.  (Unless I don’t care about said topic, in which case, it can be pretty boring to listen to him ramble on and on about, oh I don’t know, say…..liquid silver. (it’s good for your health, you know). )

Anyway, his latest conquest, is….wait for it….water kefir.  

Yeah, I know. I’d never heard of it either.  And frankly, I don’t even know how he got on to this subject, but once he did, he was hooked. Kefir grains are made up of yeast and bacteria, and are typically used to make a yogurt, or a milk drink.  (I had heard of kefir yogurt before…but that’s about it) It is REALLY healthy and great for your digestive system.  I didn’t even know you could even have water kefir grains, but lo, and behold,  Ben was once again the bearer of obscure knowledge.  

Water kefir is basically a drink that you start with kefir grains and let ferment.  Kefir grains grow and multiply as they ferment, so you can pass them on to other people – which is how Ben acquired ours….through Kijiji.  (See? Who else would just up and drive to someone’s house to pick up grains? I just love him.)

You put the grains in a mason jar with water and sugar (the grains feed off of sugar), and a little lemon, and let it go to work.  After about 24 hours, you end up a with a carbonated, sweet water that apparently does wonders for your digestive system. (A natural pro-biotic!)

Anyway, all that to say, our kitchen has taken on the appearance of a science project as Ben has a few different jars on the go.  The drink is actually pretty good (you can mix it with some fruit for a tasty little concoction)!

Each night Ben tends to his science experiment water jars and mixes me up a little glass.  I still have no idea how to make it, how to even take it out of the jars, or how to know when it’s ready, but as I see it, we are just 12 steps away from owning our own hippie farm.

DSC_0572 DSC_0575


2 thoughts on “Science Project

  1. Rebecca says:

    I am now really interested, too. Can you send me some grains in the mail, please? 🙂

    JK. They look kinda messy. AND I’m sure I could find some from one of the many MANY hippies living around these parts.

  2. Just loved reading the story! Thanks for telling it! Ben is a great dad anyway, but will be appreciated even more-so when Elliana needs to come up with an experiment for her grade 7 Science class one day. She will do well with his help. I’m sure!

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