16 Months

Well Ellie,

It’s been a while since I’ve written you one of these posts, and I figured it was high time to remedy that.  There are so many things to note about you and your growth and development, because, let’s face it, a lot happens in four months.  Especially when those four months have you going from this:


to this:


to this:


to this:


(annnnd, yep, if you’re counting, I totally missed month 14…we’ll just blame that on our Florida trip…)

So, in the name of brevity, let’s just recap some key areas that hopefully you’ll care about knowing 20 years from now…


You’re still not doing it.  And I think that’s great.  You are dang cute when you stand there and laugh because you know you’re doing something great by standing all by yourself, and although you’ll take a few steps here and there, that seems to appease you for now.  I know once you realize how great it is to actually get from A to B without getting on your knees, you’ll just take off, but I’m just as content to have you reach out your chubby little hand to grip my finger to help you than see you do it by yourself. You have a lifetime of walking ahead of you kiddo, so hold my hand as long as you’d like.


Good golly kid are you ever a talker.  I have NO idea what’s normal for a kid your age (nor do I really care), but from what I’ve seen, my guess is you have a lot of words in your repertoire. (I think you’re at around 40…).   What’s really awesome is that we can literally teach you whatever words we want (OH THE POWER), and so although most of the words you know make a lot of sense for a 16 month old to know, there’s a few that we’ve thrown in there just ’cause – like: donkey.  Because, why wouldn’t you need to know how to identify a donkey?  We’re just preparing you for the future kiddo.  (and as a sidenote: there are a RIDICULOUS amount of donkeys in children’s bibles…)

Things you Love:

Ducky.  Oh how you love ducky.  This isn’t new, but I’m fairly certain that as you get older, your love for this little animal gets deeper and deeper.  Tonight, in fact, an entire hour after you went to bed, I heard you crying away upstairs. It’s unusual for you to cry that hard after being in bed a while, so I checked on you, only to find ducky, lying on the floor, and you sobbing, looking over the crib, calling out for him.  Well if that just doesn’t melt a mama’s heart, I don’t know what does.


Baths and brushing your teeth.  Both of these bring you much joy and often throughout the day you’ll either ask “teeth”? or “bath”?.  You little hygiene champion, you.

Your daycare.  For this, your dad and I are really grateful.  You are only there 2 days a week, but still, we are so glad you love it.  You love our daycare provider’s 2 kids, and their names are often heard around our house.

Fruit.  Seriously kid, I know this isn’t an abnormality for little kids to love the sweet, juicy taste of fruit, but it’s almost comical when we put it in front of you.  You can scarf down a banana in 10 seconds flat (you think I’m exaggerating).

Things that Make Me Think “Just When I Think You Can’t Get Any Cuter…You Go and Do Something Like This”

For months now, your dad has done this thing with you where he says in a playful voice “I…..love……you” and when he says it, he points to himself, then pats his heart, and then when he says you, he finds you and tickles you.  You have loved it for months, but in the past month or so, you’ve learned how to do it yourself.  It started with just patting your chest, and then expecting him to do it for you, but lately, you, in your own playful voice, say “I….wuv….you” and then you usually expect him to still tickle you, but sometimes, if we’re lucky, you’ll tickle him.  (and as another sidenote to the blog readers: I DARE you to tell me that there’s ANYTHING more heart-melting than your kid telling you they love you)

We try and pray with you before we eat meals, and when we put you to bed, and now, when we stay it’s time to pray, you just hold your hands out expectantly, knowing that’s just what we do.  You’ve learned how to say “amen” (well…ay-bed…but the good Lord knows what you mean), and this week, when you and I have prayed for supper together, you just don’t want to let go of my hand.  So we pray again.  And then again.  (And each time, you squint your eyes mostly shut) And then even when we’re done praying and you’ve said your “ay-bed’s”, you just grip your little fingers around mine and I have to eat with one hand.  I don’t mind so much.

Ok, Ellie, I’m pretty sure I used the word “brevity” at the beginning of this blog post, and here I’ve gone and just wrote and wrote and wrote.  So to sum up, 16 months is pretty darn great, and we are so, so lucky to have you.  DSC_0686


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