I’m DONE DONE DONE. (And commence touchdown dance…NOW)

So, it would be an understatement to say that this month has been BUSY.  And I realize that makes me a broken record…because, frankly, when do I not claim to be busy? (and I know that makes me kind of LAME).  But for reals guys, June has been a gong show of busyness.  

I will spare you the details, but let’s just say the spare time has been sparse around these parts.  And we’ve been feeling it.  Late nights, early mornings, jam packed weekends (with work things, and some fun things of our choosing) and the house has taken the brunt of it all.  For example, Ben and I went out for a nice anniversary dinner last Thursday and we had a friend come over to watch Ellie. I realized that our house was MESSY, so I literally just grabbed everything that was laying around our house, shoved it in a room and closed the door.  I even told her that if she wanted a laugh she should look in that room.  I’m all about keeping it real around here.  

And then on Sunday, my parents came over for Father’s Day, and had offered to babysit Ellie that evening so we could enjoy a nice dinner out.  Well, because we had just done that on Thursday (and pretty much spent our entire entertainment budget for the month), we told them that we’d still take them up on their babysitting offer, but probably wouldn’t go out for a meal.  And you know what we decided to do?  Not go anywhere.  We still had my parents babysit, but Ben and I went outside and gardened.  We have literally had NO time to plant any flowers, or do anything remotely nice to our yard, and so as lame as it was, we asked if they wouldn’t mind if we stayed home, but just were outside.  And it was wonderful.  To FINALLY get around to something we’ve been wanting to do for six weeks – I seriously can’t think of a better gift my parents could have given us for our anniversary than to let us do what we did.  

All that to say – things have been so busy, stuff like housekeeping, gardening, etc has just not happened. BUT….we are DONE.  All of the things that have made this month so busy have now passed, and to top it off, my youth programming is done for the summer, meaning I have (most of) my evenings back.  (this is the first Tuesday since January that I’ve been home in the evening!). 

I am so excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, and I love our youth programming, and I even love the things that have kept me so busy this month – but I also just love changes of pace and rhythm, and am excited for this new season to begin. 

Yes, I’m still working full weeks (a common misconception with a job like mine.  I can’t tell you how often I hear “So….now that your program is over…what do you DO all day??”  Trust me, youth ministry is about 10% program, and 90% everything else. And I’d be happy to lay that all out for you, as soon as you’re done minimizing my profession….(and I’ll step off the soap box now)), and there is much to do.  But it is different work.  And a different rhythm, one that allows me to put my daughter to bed at night (a luxury we’ve farmed out to SO many different people this year), and maintain somewhat of the same work schedule as my husband.  

And now I’m off to bask in the glow of nothingness.  And probably do a little “I’m DONE, I’m DONE I’m DONE!” dance.  


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