Pinterest Weekend

Happy Long Weekend! (Almost).  (At least to my Canadian Readers…Americans you have a wait just a little bit longer)

This weekend, we’re getting together with my parents and cousin and participating in the first (annual??) Pinterest Weekend. Ooh, how very 2013 of us eh??
When we get together with my cousin, we frequently end up talking about her excellent Pinterest skills (she has a mean pin, people) and the great design/organizational/food ideas she has implemented because of them said skills.  

Me, on the other hand, SUCK at Pinterest.  Seriously, I have like 10 pins and really the only reason I go on Pinterest is when I’m hungry and all of the sudden think I can make everything I see.  

So, in honour of her birthday, and just because we think it will be fun and all sorts of hilarious, we are going to have a purely Pinterest weekend.  All meals will be a conglomerate of Pinterest ideas (ones we haven’t tried) from appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks.(A Pinterest Potluck, if you will) Also, we’re each going to find a random activity we’ve found on Pinterest to participate in (that’s where I think things will get funny) and well, we’re just going to Pin the heck out of our long weekend.  (well, just 2 days of it, but still).  

I will be sure to post pictures of our creations/activities and I’m fairly certain many laughs will be had.  And because I’m a wee bit of a procrastinator, I haven’t actually planned ANY of my portions yet – any gems out there?  What’s your favourite Pinterest recipe/activity/craft? The sky is the limit and the zanier, the better.

And as a side note – let’s discuss how many times I used the word Pinterest in this blog post.  I’m sure there are some grammatical writing rules about not using the same word 20 times in a 335 word essay.  Meh.  Those rules probably went out the window the minute our society started looking at delicious pictures of cookies online, pushed a button,  and all of the sudden “pin” became a relevant verb, and not just a noun. 

Finally, in honour of Canada Day, and because it doesn’t get much more Canadian cliche than Beer, check out this commercial.  I happen to think it’s awesome.


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