The Trifecta

It is no secret that Ellie loves her ducky.  I’ve documented that here several times already and I can officially say that it is just as cute today as it was when she was three months old and first burrowing her little face into the satin lining.

It is also no secret that I love that she loves ducky.  I love that she calls him by name and just gets so darn excited when we rattle his head and make him pop out of hidden places for her to see.  She just laughs and laughs and laughs.

But what may not have been communicated here, is that for the longest time, ducky was in a package deal.  With the soother.  Very rarely would she ask for ducky, without quickly finding a soother to put in her mouth.  And oh you guys – she calls the soother “bouche”.  We have absolutely NO idea where she came up with this name – and when we clearly ask her to say “soo-ther”, she confidently responds with “bouche”. Like  “of course – that’s exactly what I’m saying guys”.   And I LOVE THIS.  I often say to Ben that when she outgrows saying bouche, will be a sad day in our house.

I’d like to think that Ellie, in her genius state, just understands that bouche is french for mouth, and that her soother goes in her mouth, and is just being sophisticated in what she calls an ordinary soother – but I’m willing to admit that I MAY be wrong about this.

And lately, there’s been a third item added to the “team”.  Blankie.  (It’s at this point that you’re starting to realize that we are just going out of our way to create THE most stereotypical toddler).  Blankie has been a late addition, just in the last few weeks, worming their way into Ellie’s affection.  And truthfully, blankie still isn’t a necessity – we don’t take it out of the house, it’s not needed to fall asleep, and it doesn’t get dragged behind her like some sort of loyal companion.  But still – just of her own volition, started cuddling with blankie just a bit more.

Today, I realized just what a trifecta we’ve created, when, driving somewhere Ellie was chorusing from the back seat “ducky, bouche? Ducky bouche? Ducky Bouche?” At which point I asked her “Ellie, are you wanting your ducky and soother?”.  (As you can imagine I was met with a resounding “yesh!!”)  I reached around to hand her this tag team of two, and meekly out of her cute little mouth I hear a little “bankie?”

Well, it MIGHT have been the 37 degree temperatures, but I’m pretty sure my heart just melted right then and there.

I love this girl and her affection for her little team.


One thought on “The Trifecta

  1. How sweet to read about the new addition to Ellie’s team. Makes us smile. We are really excited that you, Ben, Ellie & her little team are going to be here in less than 3 weeks!! Yippee! We’re looking forward to a lovely time together. 🙂

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