Is Anyone Out There? Anyone?? Bueller??

You know what’s not so good for blog stats?? Not posting in an entire month. Whoops.  I didn’t really intend for that to happen, but before you know it, a 3 week vacation happens and oopsy-daisy, you don’t post in a month.

We just got home (*ahem….5 days ago…that still counts as “just” right??) from a wonderful time out east visiting Ben’s family.  It’s always great, spending time at the farm, visiting family, and just being away together the three of us.  I can’t wait to show you pictures, tell you stories and recap what truly was a wonderful time away. It’s coming.  Soon.  Just not tonight.  Mostly because I’m lazy.

I WILL tell you that the trip got off to a great start, when 2 hours into the trip, after Ellie proclaimed that she’d pooped (twice), and we just figured we’d postpone changing her until we stopped for lunch, we finally pulled over to have a picnic, only to find 2 steaming hot turds coming out of both sides of her shorts.  Oops. Guess we should have taken her warnings seriously and done something about that a bit sooner.  Ahh well, nothing a little febreeze, purell and tons of paper towels couldn’t fix.

My oh my how road trips have changed.

Anyway – just checking in to say that I haven’t abandoned things over here.  In fact, I DO actually want to write more, and post more, and here’s hoping this is the beginning of a blog writing kick that lasts a good long time.



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