I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over the past six months about the things I want to be proactive about to make sure that I don’t grow stagnant.  It can be easy in the daily grind of full time work, parenting, home-owning and being married to get stuck. Stuck in the life of chores, early mornings, late nights, couch-potatoe-ing, home repairs, budgets and bills.  (my, my don’t I just paint a lovely picture?)

But the one thing I really do get inspired by is the fact that we all are in control of our own lives.  Wait. Let me say utmost that it is God who is in control of our lives and knows each of our days.  But what I mean is that we get to make choices.  Choices that make us healthier, more rested, well-read, informed, more gracious and more kind.  And this makes me excited.

So I’m trying to take on little goals that just move me forward.  Not in huge life-altering ways – I’m not out to make a million dollars, or change the whole world, but just in little ways that move me closer to the woman of faith, integrity and character that God has for me to be.

And so I’m going to tell you two of those little goals for this month.  Mostly because once it’s out there I have to do it right? RIGHT? and also because then you can see that I’m no superhero, because I’ve actually already failed at both of them.  (And it’s September FOURTH…man am I ever a work in progress) But here they are:

1) I want to blog every day this month.  I really enjoy blogging, and moreso, I enjoy going back and reading what I’ve written.  I want to try for at least one month to exercise my brain enough to write, if only meandering thoughts, a little bit each day.  Also, because a part of me that I want to work on is the half-assed-itis that I often suffer from.  It can be easy on a space like this to just think “meh, it’s just my piddly little blog, I can put in as much or as little as I want.” And I want to fight against that.  Even if I don’t have 1000 readers (or anywhere close), if I truly am doing this because I enjoy it, then I should want to do it WELL.

2) I want to pray for my family more.  I want to be the kind of wife and mother (and daughter and sister, and in-law), who is brought to her knees more for the people more important in my life.  Yeah, sure, I pray for Ellie each night before I put her down, and for Ben as we’re dozing off, but I want to be intentional about it.  So, I’m going to try and get my butt out of bed 20 minutes earlier each day and go for a walk.  Then its a win-win.  I get exercise and to experience the stillness of the morning, and I carve out some time to purposefully pray for my husband and daughter (and extended family, too).

So, there you have it!  I’ll be sure to report back with how it’s going, and even promise to be honest with the results!  What little goals do you have in your life these days?


One thought on “Goals

  1. Yah! Go Karmyn! No goals, nothing to reach for, right? On the blogging idea, have you heard of the 31 Days of series? It’s every October, I did it last year, it was HARD, but I learned a LOT! http://www.servingfromhome.com/category/31-days-of-fall-maternity-fashion

    I used to get up and walk every morning and pray…. I should get back into that now that Eliana is out of our room and sleeping through. It’s the only way I can do it and not be distracted by a million things. Good for you!

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