Work, work, work: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

This week has been both crazy, and yet, if I were to describe it to you, would sound possibly quite lame and boring.  

I literally have spent every night this week staring at a computer screen working.  What’s that you ask? “Don’t you have a day job?” Why yes, yes I do.  But tis the season! (see what I did there? I made my crazy busy work hours sound like a festive occasion!)

Ben has been gone all week for work (but he gets home tomorrow, by the time this is published, so I don’t feel like my safety is compromised in announcing that now), and so that means I’ve been doing the solo gig with Ellie all for the past 3 days.  Really, it’s been FINE – she’s a great kid and 2 of those days, she was at daycare while I was working.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit drained.  There’s just something about having worked all day and then knowing you still need to be “on” for another few hours until the little one goes to bed you know?  Finding something (semi) healthy to feed her.  Give her a bath.  Make sure the teeth are brushed. Wrangle her into pyjamas.  Read several stories.  Cuddle for as long as she’ll let me.  And lay her into bed. 

And then it should be the time when I sigh, pour myself a glass of wine, put my feet up, and find a cheesy movie on Netflix that Ben wouldn’t want to watch anyway right?  OH SO WRONG.

First of all – there has been no wine around these parts for the past 6 months (for good and responsible reasons, for which my womb is to take the credit for). And second of all, we are into September, which if you’re in my line of work (youth ministry), means FULL STEAM AHEAD.   

So yes, every night this week, after Ellie has gone to bed and I’ve done the dishes (and quite literally have been barefoot and pregnant), I hunker down and put in another few hours as I shape our fall programming and leader’s training.  (Most of this week’s work is in preparation of a training day happening this weekend).

It’s good – and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, and have really enjoyed the work and the thinking that I have to do to get where I want to go.  But I AM looking forward to Saturday night, when our Leader’s Training Day is finished and I have nothing pressing on the agenda for a few days.  You can be quite sure that Ben will likely be on bath duty, and I’ll be on “let’s raid the freezer for that tupperware full of baked goods that I know is stashed in here somewhere” duty.  



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