Back To Reality

Today was the first night of youth for the year, and I think it’s safe to say we have officially hit high gear.

Tuesdays are, from here on in, warp speed ahead. Because we have staff meetings Tuesday mornings, I need to be at the office for 9, and so the day inevitably ends up being a 12 hour work day.

It is long and can be tiresome, but it truly is just a reality of my job and we all have days that we just have to power through right?

As tiring as it is, I still can’t help but grin after a night like tonight, when 20 jr .high kids (who only have one pace, and that’s high) race around a gym playing minute to winit games, pump themselves with candy and load up on prizes.

Yes this is my reality for the next ten weeks. But it’s a good one.


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