Pics from the Phone

Geez, I gotta be honest, posting every day for a month is hard, yo.  I’m not too surprised by that fact, and you probably aren’t either, considering that I’ve already missed 4 days, but still. (and if you’re new around these parts – my goal is to post each day in September)

It’s tough to want to pump out quality posts, but also know that posting every day means they can’t all be gems now can they?  So, forgive me for one more night, as I stumbled home from youth at 10 pm, and don’t feel like putting too many words to a page just now.  Enjoy the pictures from the last few weeks around these parts (Admittedly, all of Ellie), and hopefully tomorrow, when I have a night off, I can put some thoughts together!

The best part about drinking smoothies is the drink line that forms on the top of one’s forehead. The worst part is cleaning up after, which is why we don’t do this in a cup too often.   (Let’s also take a moment and acknowledge the mammoth mosquito bite on her forehead as well, shall we? Sheesh,  it looks like I shot her with a nerf dart or something)

On the day when I was away for leader’s training, Ben took the time to set up a little table and chairs set that we got for Ellie as a shower gift almost 2 years ago.  He told me how much she wanted to help, and I got to witness the last chair being put together.  She was so cute trying to finangle her way around an allen key.  Mouth wide open and everything – it was only way she could focus on her task.

See? Wide open mouth= Allen Key turning success.

IMG134 (1)
Fun with our neighbour friend, Ethan. 

his girl doesn’t know what the word “selfie” means, but she might as well.  She just loves seeing herself in the camera, and often either takes pictures of herself, or gets me to do it for her.  (Most times, she just holds up the phone, without turning it on, and says “cheese” into it. )

Ellie found our springform cake pan in the cupboard this morning and thought it made a most excellent stool to sit on.  She spent a GOOD amount of time on this thing today.  


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