To Do Lists

Something you may or may not know about me is that my brain has a hard time shutting off.  I know lots of people struggle with this issue, and it can make falling asleep at night a tricky beast.

Usually what I do to combat this, is read before bed.  Often, I literally have to read until I am dozing, and then, in a sleepy stupor, I put the book on the top of our bed frame and hit the light.  Or, what often happens is Ben has to put my book away for me because I’m already asleep.  (Bless that man’s heart-  he puts up with a light on so many nights when he would much rather just fall asleep in the dark)

Well, last night, after reading myself into a sleepy state, I put my book away and nestled in for the night.  And wouldn’t you know it, my brain chose that exact moment to click back on.  Actually, I consider this a pretty impressive record that I’ve made it this far into September without having that happen yet, so I wasn’t too surprised.

But right then and there, I had a little panic attack thinking about all I had laying ahead of me work-wise, and then…THEN it hit me that we actually only have 10 more weeks until this baby comes.  Holy Crap we’re screwed.  At least that’s how it felt at 12:03 am last night. (And truthfully, it still felt that way this morning, when I got up)  Ten weeks IS a lot of time, but it doesn’t so much feel that way when every single weekend is chalk full on the calendar with other things going on.  

So, in an attempt to not let my brain get the best of me, I pulled the book back out, turned the light back on, and read.  I think I only got 2 more pages in before once again, my eyelids got heavy and I could turn out the lights.  

But today and tonight, I’ve realized that I really do need to put down on paper all that (I) we, are hoping to accomplish before this baby comes.  My anal-organizational side actually wants to put it on chart paper, post it up in our room and just attach a marker to a string right beside it, for easy crossing out purposes.  But then the “I am actually not that neurotic am I?” side comes out and convinces myself that a notebook will suffice. 

So stay tuned.  I realize that not many people actually care what we have to do between now and December, but putting it down here will be cathartic.  And won’t you all just feel better knowing you’re helping me sleep at night?


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