30 Weeks

I guess one of the perks to posting (or trying to post) every day for a month, is that there will actually be more than 1 pregnancy update in 30 days.  


And here I am at 30 (+1 day) weeks.  Um, when the HEY did I make it all the way to 30 weeks?  Shouldn’t I still be at 23 or something like that? 

In any case, time apparently has kept trucking along, so, I guess so shall I.  Onto the list:

People still ask me if I have any weird cravings.  The answer is no, but that doesn’t mean there are NO cravings…just not weird ones.  And sadly, I hate to say, anything I’ve been craving has been of the UNhealthy variety.  I can’t seem to get enough carbs – oh sweet wheat-y, gluten-y goodness.  And people, I TRY.  I really do.  I try and start each day off with fruit, and some yogurt and granola, but by 10 a.m, I just don’t feel well.  My baby likes the bread, what can I say?  Also – I’m in LOVE with sweet pastry goodness.  Seriously, nothing seems like a better idea than sitting down with a coffee and a donut.  Particularly from this place.  (You may recall that I went through a donut craving phase with Ellie too.  That one subsided, so hopefully this one will too).  Now, let me qualify this all by saying that I don’t give IN to every craving, but that doesn’t mean my baby doesn’t try and ask for it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  I guess the question of eternal significance here is: WHY OH WHY can’t I just crave salad?  

On a related note: I’m kind of afraid that I’m moving into chubby-face territory.  And the thing is, there is no way for me to tell.  I mean, I see my own face every day, and a gradual change like that could go unnoticed.  So I’ve decided that it’s up to YOU guys to break it to me.  Particularly those of you who know me, but don’t see me too often.  Don’t worry,  I won’t hold it against you.  All you have to say is “Karmyn…about that thing you asked on your blog…” and then you can just silently nod if you’d like.  


Let’s talk about birthing for a moment:  much like last time – this HAS to happen in order for us to meet this baby.  And having done this before, I think that is both a pro and a con.  On the one hand, I know what to expect, and having had such a positive experience the first time around, I truly am looking forward to how special it will be to welcome our babe into this world.  On the other hand, I know what to expect. And I’m slightly worried that the minute labour starts my body will say “Umm, we’re doing THIS again?  Oh HECK to the NO”  and then go on a labour strike.  (ha! see what I did there?)   
Overall though, I feel pretty positive about things.  I think I’ve mentioned before, but we are planning another home birth, and have just booked a hypnobirthing “refresher” course with the same instructor that taught us last time, so I’m excited about that.  (We’re just doing 1 class, as opposed to the 5 in the normal class).  We recognize that there are a lot of variables, and factors in allowing a homebirth to happen, and are just praying that all stays healthy and incident free leading up to, and during our birth! 


Names: Oh you guys, we haven’t even TALKED about this.  And we need to.  Big time.  We have 1 boys name idea, but that’s it.  And I’m not 100% sold at all.  Girls names haven’t even been mentioned, and so, basically, we’re starting from scratch.  Any and all submissions can be left in the comments section.  Much obliged.

People also often ask if Ellie “gets it” that there will be a baby in this house in a few short months.  The answer is both yes and no.  I truly don’t think she can comprehend that her world is about to get ROCKED by this so called baby. But other than that, she sure does.  She LOVES babies. For months (even prior to us being pregnant), she only ever wanted to read the Bible stories that had babies in them.  So, basically, we have a REALLY good working knowledge of the stories of Moses (as a baby in the basket), Jacob and Esau (that’s a double whammy, as the page as TWO babies in the picture), and of course, Baby Jesus.  Lately, she has been SO FRICKIN’ cute with my belly, just touching it saying “Hi baby” and then she lays a big ol’ kiss on my gut.  She will also often ask “Baby out?”.  HA! If only it were that easy kiddo. 

So, there we are.  30 weeks, with 10 (ish) to go.  Oy vey.


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