Friday Morning Dance Party

Guys.  Let’s just acknowledge the fact that my devotion to post every day is waning.  I think I’m up to six days missed (so far).  Those aren’t very good odds.

It’s really not for lack of want.  Truly.  But yesterday, other than sleeping, I was home for FORTY-FIVE minutes.  The entire day.  And in that 45 minutes I had to bath my daughter, pack her nighttime stuff and supper supplies and head back out the door.  Doesn’t leave a ton of time to squeeze in a daily post.

But I’m still here, and hoping to finish strong (So stick with me!)

But enough apologetic talk.  Onward and upward!

This morning, we had the luxury of pulling Ellie into bed with us for a few minutes before we (once again) had to hit the ground running.  She really has been a great kid that way – happily playing in our bed while we keep dozing.  Sometimes it means getting a book in the face as she exclaims “read it?”, but it’s a small price to pay to stay nuzzled under warm blankets for a few more minutes.

Lately, Ellie loves listening to the alarm clock ring tones on my phone.  There is a rooster one that just gets her every time.  She (scarily) can find my phone on the ledge, unlock it, swipe over until she finds the alarm clock app, and get to the ringtones page.  But she can’t select the right one just yet, so she asks “cock-a-doo?”, and then giggles when I press it for her.  There’s another tone, which she calls the giraffe one for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON, and it’s this great ring tone that starts off all gentle and soothing like, a chorus of voices singing “good morning”.  But after a few moments, it busts into a dance mix (well, sort of…don’t think rave…think jazzy upbeat “token ring tone” feel) and when that happens? Well, we dance.

And it’s awesome.  It used to be just Ben and I shimmy-ing and shaking away (Still horizontal I might add) while Ellie looked at us incredulously.  But now she loves it.  She laughs, shakes her head, gets her shoulders going, AND she fist pumps like no one else.  It truly is the best way to start the day.


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