The Weekend that Gave Me Cankles

This weekend takes the cake for busy over here.  

Friday night I had our youth worship team over for a meeting/hang out evening.  This was fun.  They quickly reminded me why I love my job.  (It can be easy to forget that in a month such as this)

Our church moved offices yesterday, so Ben and I spent most of the day helping with that.  I am equally honoured and sick of hearing people tell me not to pick up a box.  I truly do appreciate the care, love and concern that people show me as a pregnant lady.  But for reals – just let a girl help out!  I’m not an invalid, my legs work, my arms work, and I am fully capable of moving some things from spot A to spot B.  I’m not going to try and lift the fridge, and I can handle a box filled with paperclips and pens.  It got a little tiresome. But mostly, it was was nice to know people care.

After being on my feet all day, lugging box, after box, after pool noodle, after bin of crafts down the stairs to the basement of our new place we came home and promptly put our feet up.  

But then, 2.5 hours later, I was out the door again, because in my genius planning, I had a youth event on the calendar for last night.  (In my defense, I had that planned LONG before we knew we were moving offices….serves me right for being organized).  It was just a campfire/chill night with our Sr. Highs, so not a lot of planning, but another 5 hours of being “out”, coordinating things, providing snacks, and making things happen.

We got home around 11 pm, and I only had 1 more hour of work to do, to prep for a meeting that happened today after church.  And so, today, after being “on” at church, I had a meeting with some of our youth leaders for the year, to train them in our mentoring model for the year.  (Now THIS, this is exciting stuff….talk about things that turn my crank! ), 

I finally stumbled home around 3, and squeezed in a quick nap before Elle arose from hers.  

This weekend was off the charts ridiculous.  But it was also so rich.  Rich with seeing tons of volunteers come together to make something like a big move happen.  Rich with quality time spent with students I love.  Rich with family time -and as a side note, HUGE shout out to my mom who came down Saturday morning and spent the day with Ellie while we were out all day and night, and then she even slept over until today – giving us more time together!. And rich with purpose, as I got to share my heart, passion and vision with a group of volunteer leaders who share my sentiments for students.  

And yes, I have cankles.  Because I have literally been on my feet ALLLLL weekend.  And my legs are MAAAAD at me.  But I’m about to treat them to being put up for the rest of the evening and hopefully being massaged for hours on end by the Benj. (He hasn’t be made aware of the plan just yet).

What a great, full weekend.  But sweet mercy am I ever glad it’s Sunday night.


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