It was just before 7, supper was still sprawled all over the table, and I was certainly feeling the length of this day.  

Ben was only going to be home for another 20 minutes before needing to head back out the door for a meeting, and kindly offered to get Ellie changed for bed before he wanted to lay down for a few minutes to rest.  
I was surprised at how long it seemed to be taking him to get her changed, and thought I should maybe head up there and offer to take over, so he could still have time to rest.  I snuck up the stairs with some laundry in hand and this is what I saw.


Hard to tell what it is right? That’s our bed, where I could overhear two gentle little voices singing the ABC’s.  Lately Ellie loves coming into our bed and asks us to make her a “fork”.  By which she means “fort”.  I (being the lazy parent), don’t do this as much, because the reality is, building a fort in our bed just means propping up the blankets with our arms and legs.  And my arms and legs get tired, yo.  But clearly daddy is a much better fort prop than I.

And this.  This was just one of those moments where I thought my heart might just burst out of my chest.  How in the world did I get so lucky to snag these two people in my life?  Moments like this are small, and seemingly insignificant, but boy oh boy do they make living this life worth it.   



One thought on “Moments

  1. Ben surely would be a worthy candidate for a “Best Dad of the Year” award! Warms my heart to hear another story about him having fun and creating memories with his little lady. 🙂 Way to shine, son!

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