What a wonderful weekend Thanksgiving is yes?  I know a lot of people who claim it as their favourite holiday, and while I’m not quite ready to stake my “best day ever” claim firmly on this date, it truly is SO wonderful.

And this weekend was no different.  It’s no secret around here that I’ve been busy, and when I was calendar-ing out my fall at the end of August, it was evident that I was in for a high paced, jam-packed fall of events.  But I very intentionally left this weekend blank.  With no events to plan, no meetings scheduled, and oh how sweet it was. It started Thursday at about 5:45pm, when I walked in the door after work, Ellie toddling along behind me and I just kind of collapsed into the armchair.  Friday is my regular day off, and while that day has kind of fallen by the wayside this season so far, this one was safely protected.

And so began the weekend.

I spent time with my little girl at the park on Friday evening before her bedtime.



We went apple picking (as one does on Thanksgiving weekend), where Ellie couldn’t have been more in her glory with ALL! THE! APPLES!. (Her bib certainly came in handy) And let’s not forget the animals, pumpkins, and a weekend with grandma and grandpa.  Hoo boy, are those people ever celebrities in her books.  

IMG222 IMG221 IMG224 IMG228 IMG229

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the friends (but really, more like family), that we always do holidays with.  And it was as good as ever.


 We attempted to put Ellie to bed around her normal time, but heard her 30 minutes later, wide awake as ever.  When I went in to get her, she said ‘Out? Play with Lucas??” (Lucas is the 2 year old boy of some of those dear friends of ours).  So, of course, we pulled her out of bed, let her enjoy the festivities and her and little Lucas played to their hearts content until WAAAAAAY past their bedtime.  (And don’t think we didn’t pay for THAT the next day….if ever was the expression “losing one’s $%!&” appropriate, it sure was with Ellie the next day).  But it was worth it.

IMG233 IMG238

Enjoyed family and friends.  And lest you think we are a civilized bunch…these pictures will likely tell a different story.


1402899_10201684639989264_435592099_o  1397409_10201684633069091_2005399853_o 882850_10201684662189819_1467399739_o

We soaked in the amazing weather.


And rested. Oh did we ever rest.  

And let’s not forget that we found a way to watch season 4 of Downton Abbey, (the season currently playing in Britain…not available over here yet)  so, we are as caught up as we possibly can be.

And yes, that extra day off has made the rest of this week quite ridiculous.  And yes, I probably could have used a few more work days.  But it was SO VERY WORTH IT to carve out those four days and just rest my brain, my body and be with family.  

Thankful indeed.


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