36 Weeks

This picture is from a week ago, so there’s a good chance I’m even larger in person than this picture depicts…but since I’m currently living in pyjama pants and a tank top – I won’t be subjecting you all to a picture of THAT thankyouverymuch.


And because sometimes you just gotta embrace the large stomach and create a Halloween Costume totally built around your growing girth, here I am as a Bun in the Oven.  DSC_0307

Let’s talk about life at 36 weeks shall we?  Firstly – holy crap does this kid ever move around.  When I was pregnant with Ellie I took a video of her moving around – because yes, she also made my stomach morph is some crazy ways – but this kid has blown that video out of the water.  I am CONVINCED this baby will be 4 feet long based on how many different parts of my stomach I can feel him/her simultaneously.  Almost daily I am stopped suddenly by the movement that causes me to either have to catch my breath, twinge a little at the sudden pokes, or shove him/her back into a position that doesn’t have a noticeable lump protruding out of one side of my stomach.   It is wonderful and weird all at the same time and such a consistent reminder of the wonder that being pregnant is.

Names.  Let’s talk about it.  I think…THINK we may have it settled on the names for this little one.  But I JUST.DON’T. KNOW.  This is the name they will have forEVER, and it’s on us to make it not suck.  But I am 90% sold on both the boy’s and the girl’s name, and as long as between now and when the baby is born I don’t overthink things and talk myself out of liking these names – I think we’re in the clear.  And as a sidenote: apparently when Ben and I were dating and engaged and planning our married life, we neglected to cover the topic where we realized that we have TOTALLY different tastes in names.  Shouldn’t that be part of pre-marriage counselling or something?  

How am I feeling you ask? (OK, you probably aren’t asking that…but everyone else is).  I’m feeling pretty good, for which, I am thankful.  I am certainly sore, and there are tweaks and twinges in my lower back, but nothing worth dwelling on. I have also reached the stage in this pregnancy where I make the most of every trip up and down the stairs – because I sure as HECK won’t be going back up and down more than I have to.  This has proved harder with a toddler, however.  Because inevitably, when we’re about to head out the door there will be SOMETHING that stayed upstairs that most definitely needs to come with us.  (Likely one of Ellie’s entourage: soother, ducky, blankie, dolly, elephant….the list keeps growing).   But overall, I am thankful that all is going well.

The to do list.  Scratch that.  The ever growing to do list.  My mother in law wisely reminded me the other day that we CAN still get stuff done once the baby arrives – but it still feels like there are a lot of things to check off the ol’ list before this baby makes their arrival.  Most pressing is the spare bedroom.  Oh you guys- it is a DISASTER.  You know when you need to work on an area of your house, but until you do, you just let it get worse and worse because you know eventually you’ll be dealing with it? Yeah, that’s this room.  We can barely get the door open.  And yes, it’s true – we can just keep that door closed and all would be well.  But unfortunately, that is where our guest bed is.  SO, if this baby does come, and the room stays in the state that it currently is, our immediate visitors (our parents) will literally have to dig their way to their bed.  That to me isn’t terribly acceptable.  So you can be DARNED SURE that if I go into early labour – Ben will have some work ahead of him.   But overall, we’re making progress, and as long as this baby stays put until close to their due date, we should get it accomplished.

Let’s discuss this baby’s due date for a moment.  My official due date is Dec 3rd.  If we’ve talked in person, you’ll know that I really didn’t want another December baby.  With Ellie being born on Christmas Eve, and the month just being crazier in general, I just thought to add a November birth date to our family would just be better all around.  So, I’m really rooting for this kid to come early.  If that doesn’t happen – it’s ok.  We will gladly welcome this baby whenever it chooses to make it’s arrival, but I’ve decided that come Nov 27th, I’m just going to start doing lunges instead of normal walking.  That oughta do it right??  

Well, this little update has turned into a novel of sorts (surprise, surprise), so I’ll leave it there.  But it really does blow my mind that come Tuesday I am officially “full term”.  Let the fun begin!


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