Two Months



You are two months old.  (You’ll learn quickly that your mama has a knack for stating the obvious).  And oh my sweet boy, what a month it has been.   These days are whipping by faster than any ever have before, and I truly can’t believe you’re into your third month of existence already.  Didn’t you JUST come into this world a week ago?  I think that so often….but then I look at how big you are, and I’m VERY thankful that you didn’t just come into this world a week ago, because, YOUR HEAD.  (It’s big)

There are a few things we need to discuss, ok Zeke?

First off, your smile:

You continue to be a fantastic baby, and are pretty much the easiest kid to get to smile.  And oh what a smile it is.  The best part about your smile is that your cheeks are so big, that I can even tell from behind you when you’re smiling, because all of the sudden your cheeks pop out the sides.  I’m sure I felt this way with Ellie, although I can’t remember it, but seriously child, I can physically feel my heart swelling when you smile at me.


Your words:
You (obviously) currently have none, but still, you also have much to say. This is probably only cute to parents, but good golly do I ever love having conversations with you.


Your laugh:
I clearly remember Ellie being 3.5 months when she first busted out a laugh, and so to have you already laughing has already made having you SO WORTH IT.  You have a chuckle like no other, and I will do whatever I can to produce it in you.  (You’ll also learn quickly that your mama can be weird).  I look forward to so many more laughs with you kiddo.  (Finally, you’ll learn quickly that your mama has a WAY better sense of humour than your dad, at least, in her humble opinion, so come to me with your jokes)

Your sleep:  
My goodness child, you are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  (And all of the angels rejoiced).  You have been such a great sleeper, and were giving us 7 hour stretches by the time you turned 2 months old.  (Since then, this week, you’ve gone 9 pm-7 am – which is most definitely worthy of a WOOT WOOT).  Can I be a little bit honest with you Zeke?  I kind of miss the middle of the night with you.  Because Ellie was still up so much during the night at this point, I kind of prepared myself for those times with you too, but ever since you were born, you’ve known your nights from your days.  And there was something so special about feeling like there was no one else up in the world except me and her, and I’m a teeny bit sad that you and I won’t have those same memories etched in my brain.  BUT, you know what memories we will have? Memories of our cozy warm beds sleeping the night away.  And THAT, my boy, gets a high five.

Lastly, Zeke, you took your first plane ride this month, out to Saskatchewan to celebrate the life of your great grandpa Giesbrecht. You never met him, nor will you remember this trip, but I sure will.  There is something so sacred about time with relatives, and especially on an occasion like this, when we are honouring someone’s life, you get a great perspective on legacy.   My grandpa was a godly man who loved God, his family and his grandchildren.  And the proof of that was when all but one of us gathered in Saskatchewan, coming from all across the country to both celebrate that life, but also be together – because he created a legacy of family who loves each other, laughs a LOT together and shares a common bond of faith.  Part of why your dad and I had you, Zeke, is that we hope to do the same.  We hope to instill in you a legacy of faith and family and I will do my best to teach you that you are a part of a special family, one that is greater than just the four of us.  

2014-01-30 20.14.05b
(And as a side note, a huge blessing to our trip out to Sask was that you DID get to meet your great grandma Epp.  I am so thankful that meeting got to happen!)


Happy two months little boy,



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