6 Years…And Only Getting Better? (Right guys??)

Well, I came on here to post something quickly just to help us all move on from needing to stare at the three month letter I wrote my son TWO WEEKS AGO (I suck, sorry), and WordPress kindly informed me that today was my 6 year anniversary of having this blog.  

Whoa.  Six years.  Not that blogging is an anniversary really worth celebrating, (although feel free to mail any gifts my way), but it sure does put in perspective how quickly time does fly.  I’ve crammed A LOT of things into six years, many of which I’ve written about right here.  We have moved 4 times, added 2 kids to the mix, travelled many places, made new friends and kept lots of old ones, and just in general, have gotten older. (And hopefully wiser).

Let’s also acknowledge that my first month of blogging, I wrote thirteen posts.  THIRTEEN.  Geez, I was an eager beaver.  The only other time I’ve written that many posts in a month was this past September when I had to CHALLENGE myself to write every single day.  I guess the novelty wore off a bit, since you guys are lucky to hear from me twice a month these days.  But going back and reading some of those posts (as truly lame as some of them were), I am reminded that although this blog is pretty meagre and humble in the world of blogs -I do love looking back.  Often the things I’ve written are small and insignificant, and are such a good reminder of things I totally would have forgotten by now.   Like this.  Although I guess it could probably be argued that stuff like that is ok to forget 🙂

Anyway – thanks you guys.  Although I love looking back and having a space to write the things in my head and on my heart, I wouldn’t do it if NO ONE read.  So thanks for reading, commenting, following, and telling me I’m funny even when I’m most likely not. Whether I know you personally, or don’t, you are most welcome here, and I hope 6 years from now, you’ll still be reading (and I’ll still be writing), eye infections and all.  (see? If you didn’t click the link, you’ll have NO IDEA what I’m talking about…so go ahead, go back and click it, I know you’re super intrigued now.)  And then feel free to leave me a happy six years comment! It’s the least you can do since I showed you such an unruly morning picture of myself. (See? Now you REALLY should go click that link…)

Happy Six Years!


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