Observations from Camp

I am a NINJA at catching mosquitos in my hand.  They don’t see it coming and I am like a sniper, picking them off out of thin air.

Even though I am a mosquito ninja, the score is still probably mosquitos: 57 Karmyn: 4

I could reeeallllllyyyy  get used to not having to cook anything.  Oh sweet dining hall.  Ask me again in 2 months if I still think camp food is so awesome.

When it rains, the options of things to do with small children is reduced by about 200%.  Good thing I brought those 2 small bins of toys and books. That should last us all summer right?

When it is NOT raining outside, the options of things to do with small children are endless, and I love this.  Even if by the end of August I am not so fond of the camp food, I am positive that I will not tire of the beautiful outdoors that my kids (and I) get to be in.

I have titled this entire summer Throwback Thursday, because we are living in a residence that is much like our university days.  Except the ratio of people to bathrooms is worse here.  (And yes, I realize that the entire summer does not happen on a Thursday, but just work with me here people)

I have also titled this entire summer “The Time My Husband and I Slept in Bunk Beds For 10 weeks”.  Mostly because Ben and I will be sleeping in bunk beds for 10 weeks.  (I suppose an alternate title could be, The Summer We Made No Babies)

I am realizing, even after just a week, that having “camp kids” is going to be awesome.  Ellie just loves living at camp, and this makes my heart happy.  (Zeke, is kind of just really happy no matter where we are, so he doesn’t count).  I am SO thankful for this chance for our kids to meet tons of people who will love them, care for them and pay them attention, and I am so thankful that our kids will be a part of a culture that loves Jesus and nature.

I am also realizing that having camp kids pretty much just means they will be perpetually dirty.  Its amazing how right after a bath, even, the dirt just kind of reappears. (and truthfully, I kind of love that too)

We’re a week in, we have settled well, and are thankful for this opportunity.  Here’s a few pictures of our digs. (2 bedroms, plus a shared living space) I took these the day after we arrived, so clearly we hadn’t unpacked yet.  Don’t judge the mess – I can assure you the situation is much better by now.  It’s amazing how much stuff you really can fit into 2 bedrooms.


image_1 (2) image_2 (2)image_1  image_3


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