Paddleboats: the 2014 version of a Pony

We are deep into the throes of camp life, and although that means many good things, it also means VERY LITTLE TIME TO BLOG.

Oh you guys – I can’t even express the internal nagging I feel at the fact that not only has my son turned 6 months old, he has also turned 7 months old and is well on his way to 8.  The letters are being written, and will be posted here eventually, but probably not until August, and probably in succession. (Just pretend like I spaced them out on the 17th of each month ok?)

Other than that downer, life here at camp has been rich, and full.  My kids are lucky enough to have one-on-one babysitters that care for them during the day, as I am involved in the program that Ben directs, and Ellie is LOVING it.  Boy, is she going to have a culture shock when we head home and she wakes up to JUST ME. I can just imagine the questions that she’ll have:   “Whaddya mean I don’t have a sweet teenage girl doting on me all day long” “When is craft time?”  “When is it time to go swimming in the lake?”  “WHERE IS MY PADDLEBOAT?”  (She loves paddleboating a heck of a lot)  (the one perk to having your kid want a paddleboat over a pony, is that there is WAY less poop to clean)

It does my heart good to see the amazing experience she is having, and to see how well she is loved and cared for.  She is growing and changing so much and I just SO enjoy seeing her each day when her babysitter walks her back to our place after lunch for her nap.  I love getting a debrief of her day, the songs they sang, the games they played, and most certainly, if any paddleboating was involved.  She also LOVES her babysitter (we are lucky enough to have one who is around for 6 weeks, so there’s lots of consistency), and has started asking to wear pants, socks and her hair JUST like Logan.  “Logan has pants like these!”  “Can I have comfy socks like Logan?” 

There are things that make camp life tough (*cough…bunk beds*), but they pale in comparison to the richness of watching your kid grow to love the outdoors, new people and embrace new experiences.  





One thought on “Paddleboats: the 2014 version of a Pony

  1. Tom Bosma says:

    We appreciate/enjoy the reports/ blogs. Very interesting, to read about the happenings , w/your children growing up(different lingos and such). May God bless you & yours,as the journey continues. We love you guys. Take care, B good/safe. Uncle Tom

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