Throwback Thursday At Its Finest

Ok you guys, I’m only TWO DAYS IN to trying to blog every day and I’m already kind of cheating.  I was all set to get a fantastic blog written up here tonight, and logged into my account.  I was re-reading the last blog I wrote, and got TOTALLY sucked down the rabbit trail of reading old blogs.  (You know that part at the bottom of the post where it shows you three “related posts” that may be of interest?  Yeah, totally got me)

Anyway, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty lame to spend time reading your own blog, but I’ll confess, I do it.  And tonight, I got sidetracked by some of the blogs from my first years of writing.  And I realized two things:

1) I am SO GLAD I do this.  I actually really love documenting our lives and the ability to look back and see the ordinary and not-so-ordinary ongoings of our days.  (And my, there have been so many days that have gone by)

2) I’m kind of hilarious.  Ok, I should qualify that statement: I find MYSELF kind of hilarious.  This in no way means you will.  And as I stumbled across this particular blog post tonight, I found myself laughing again at a) the things I felt were important enough to share with THE ENTIRE INTERNET WORLD and b) the antics our young selves were up to 6 years ago.  

So if you feel so inclined, come back with me to 2008 and enjoy this recap of the road trip that Ben and myself, Jo and Sarah (our bro and sis-in-law) took out to Nova Scotia for a Bokma Family Reunion.  Pre-kids, pre-responsibility and apparently pre-sanity given the fact that we actually did this trip with four grown adults in a Toyota Echo.


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