Ordinary Days

These days, post camp, can seem mundane.  There’s no lake to jump into, no beautiful trails to walk down, no deer to encounter.  No dining hall, buzzing with the activity of 100 other people, no deep, meaningful conversations with new friends, no full, rich worship echoing from the teaching lodge.  No teenagers, eager to hang out with my two small children, no inside jokes with others around, and no campfires which cause our hair and clothes to linger for days with that smell that just exudes the essence of camp.

We wake up, and each day looks pretty ordinary.  Meals now need to be prepared.  The toy bins don’t hold quite as much wonder as the endless adventure that waited outdoors. The to-do list that was non-existent over the summer now looms as I choose what to do with my limited hours in my day.  The demands of two small ones are seemingly only met by me. The cloth diaper laundry runs yet another cycle as the diaper pail exudes a smell of its own. And it can be easy to wonder how the days so quickly got so ordinary.

But then I look at pictures like these, and I can’t help but revel in the ordinary.DSC_0713 DSC_0714

 As I look out the window while preparing dinner and see this, my heart is filled with gratitude.  My ordinary days allow me the time to watch these little ones laugh and grow, and learn.  And my husband is a father who gives of his time to these kids in ways they will remember.  DSC_0705 DSC_0702
And while we spend time together as a family before bed and this happens, I again, am thankful that things like family wrestle time are a part of our ordinary.  That there can be things like this that will be exactly what our kids remember when they’re too old and cool to want to play on the floor with their dad.  

These days may be ordinary, and yes, sometimes mundane, but oh boy are they ever wonderful.  


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