I can’t believe it’s already the end of January.  While Christmas seems like SO long ago, I really can’t account for many of the days from this month – what the HECK have I been up to?  Considering that I’m home with two kids, I could wager some pretty safe guesses as to what I’ve been doing:
   Playing with lots of toys
   Putting on hats and mittens and boots a BAZILLION times a day
   Making meals and then snacks and then more meals
   Wiping bums that aren’t my own
It’s a glamorous life isn’t it?  

It has been a great month though – Ben’s sister and brother-in-law visited for a few weeks, from BC so we had some fantastic hang outs with them.  The whole Bokma family (Minus one sibling and his family) rented a cottage for a weekend where we spent hours just being together. Games, food, walks, prayer times, naps, & good talks.  Such a wonderful weekend for the soul (and the gut – because, let’s be honest, we ate a LOT of fantastic food)

There is certainly change in the air around these parts for our family.  I can’t go into too many details yet – a few things need to be firmed up and shared with some friends, but there are exciting things on the horizon!  (Don’t you just love when people are so vague in a blog post??)

We are headed to Florida in a few weeks time with my birthmom for a vacation.  Ellie has been quite excited as we have talked about heading on a plane to a house that has its very own pool.  Somehow, in the discussions, however, her little three year old mind was hearing things a bit differently, as we left the house today to spend time at a friend’s place.  She came trudging down the stairs with her hands FULL of things.  Bags upon bags of her stuff: blankets, toys, ducky and soother, her doll all strapped into its little car seat, etc.  I sighed, and loaded up the car with all of her things as we headed out the door (already kind of late).  When we got to our destination and I started unloading the stuff, she said “oh, you can just leave all of that in the car – it’s for the plane”.  Umm, ok.  And then when we returned home in time for lunch today, she says as we pull into the driveway “Where is the house with lots of rooms?  When do we get on the plane?”  Oh geez.  Talk about a let down.  I explained that we weren’t going to Florida for a little while yet and she asks “Soooo….like in one more sleep?”  Clearly we need to start learning what a calendar looks like.  
At least she seemed relieved to know we WEREN’T going to be leaving daddy behind, as I had nonchalantly brushed off her concern earlier that morning as to why dad was staying home to work.  
Oh the minds of little ones.

My butt hurts.  As part of our Bokma weekend extravaganza we went curling, and while I’m still holding out hope that this will be the sport that gets me a berth into the Olympics one day, I think it’s safe to say that my curling prowess isn’t a honed skill just yet.  I fell.  And I fell HARD.  Right on my butt.  It was pretty comical actually, how comic-like my fall actually was.  It may as well have been a banana peel placed strategically in front of my foot for how straight up in the air my feet went.  And I’m still feeling the effects of that graceful manoeuvre a few weeks later.  I was doing pretty good until our frisbee game last night, and my butt was slightly angry that I tried to run so much. 

I can’t really think of a better spot to end this, than to have you all thinking about my butt being sore.   So, like the wise, and classy writer that I am, I shall end on this high note.  No need to thank me.


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