Hashtag Camp Life

Well hello faithful blog readers.  By now you’ll know that summer time means a serious plummet in the amount of posts you’ll see from me, and clearly this year is no exception.

The last month has been a whirlwind (as most of them are) – as Ben was in full-on camp preparation mode, and I still worked full time, and we were trying to get our family packed up for a month up at camp, and the weather was just begging us to be outside and playing at parks, and picking strawberries and playing ultimate frisbee and such.

And now, for the past 12 days we have been back up at camp, together as a family, while Ben directs the L.I.T program  It has been great to be back up here, and even though the last time we were up here was November for a weekend retreat, it really felt so familiar moving back up into our rooms and getting settled.

Last year I posted these observations from camp, and I figured that was a better way to catch you all up to speed on life here at camp.  Funny enough, some of the observations are still the same this time around – mostly the ones to do with mosquitos. So….without further ado: 

  • I still am a mosquito ninja.  I know it’s because they aren’t terribly fast, but I seriously feel like such a ninja warrior when I snipe them out of the air before they can attack.
  • Despite this – the kids and I kind of look like we have the measles based on the amount of bites we all have.  Last year, our first day here Ellie got a wicked bite on her eye (pictured here:)

and the first day of this year, she ALSO got a bite on her eye.  It didn’t swell up nearly as much, but still looked like she’d been punched in the face.  Zeke woke up one morning with a string of bites right along his forehead. (like 10) Clearly I didn’t get all of the mosquitos out of their room.

  • It has only taken me 12 days to get used to having dessert after every supper meal.  
  • It has only taken me 12 days to realize that my attempts at getting fit and trim because of all the walking and outdoor activity I am doing maybe aren’t going to happen.
  • The kids seriously think sharing a room is the best thing since sliced bread.  (Well, I don’t actually think they care at all about sliced bread, but until someone comes up with a more relevant cliche, sliced bread it is).  We now have a good system, where Zeke goes to bed first and gets 20 minutes to fall asleep in the pitch dark, before we put Ellie in with a nightlight on.  If he happens to still be awake, all bets are off and they PARTAY like it’s 1999.  (Again, they have absolutely no concept of what a party was like during that year, but just work with me people)  
  • The first night, Zeke started to attempt to climb out of his playpen, and we learned that when Ellie’s gales of delight were “he’s riding his horse again!!”, that meant he was straddling his playpen, one leg out, the other one still in.  
  • It took him a full week to have the guts to swing that other leg over, and one night, after a resounding “thud”, I heard amidst giggles “He’s out momma! He’s out!!”.  Oh sweet Lord in Heaven above, all bets are now off.  (thankfully, this has so far only been a one time attempt)
  • I am so thankful for Grasshoppers – which is the program that looks after Ellie and Zeke for whatever hours of the day I need them to.  They do games, hear stories, make crafts, go swimming, go boating, eat lunch and snacks, and then, bless their souls – the teen helpers who are providing one-on-one care for my kids walk them back to our rooms, help me get them down for naps, and then show up after to play with them again until dinner.  This has freed me up so much to be able to serve with the LIT program, and just be able to engage in ways that aren’t possible with little kids.  Plus, a teenager who loves little kids is WAY more fun than a mom who gets bored of building sandcastles after 10 minutes.  
  • I still love that I am responsible for zero of the cooking that is feeding our family.  While yes, the dining hall is a crazy place where teenagers are loud and it’s crammed, I still only had to scoop the food onto my kids plate, and that, my friends is a treat.
  • I have come to accept that because of the loudness of said dining hall, my kids will eat far less food than they normally would.  Like, today, for example – lunch was BLT’s, and Ellie ate a piece of bread with mayonnaise spread on it.  Supper was hamburgers, and Ellie ate a piece of bun with mayonnaise spread on it. I am too busy trying to get Zeke to eat, and eat my own food, and talk over the rising din of conversation to worry too much, but today may have been a new low for nutrition for my daughter.   Thankfully though, there is dessert after every supper, so I can at LEAST be assured that my kids magically regain their appetite and focus when the brownies/cookies/pie/fruit comes out.  Perhaps this blog should be titled Hashtag The Summer My Kids Got Scurvey.
  • I have gained a new appreciation for our bathtub – every time I have to cram Zeke into the kitchen sink, or help Ellie in the shower as she cries to not get water in her eyes.  This challenge is directly correlated to the lack of cleansing that is happening this month.  Once a week is an appropriate amount of time to go before scrubbing the layer of sand off your kids right?

So there you have it – some of the early observations of camp 2015.  We are here for the remainder of the month, after which I will head home for August with the kids to go back to work. (They were so gracious to give me a month-long unpaid leave to allow us to be together as a family this summer)

And since no blog post would be complete without a few shameless pics of our kids:

DSC_0790 DSC_0792 DSC_0794


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