Where the Heck I’ve Been

Well, clearly not blogging, that’s for sure.

Oh  you guys, these last few months have kicked me in the butt.  Not in a totally defeatist-I’m-broken-waving-the-white-flag way, but just in a way that has rendered me pretty useless at anything other than working, and keeping small kids alive.

The reality of a new school routine, full time work, a nearly two year old, and a spouse whose work takes him away for days at a time, and we are maxed out.  And I could lament the current rhythm of our life, and list reason after reason why our life is too full.  But that would be pretty depressing, and truly, there have been SO many good things that have been held in the past 8 weeks since I last wrote here.  

And so I’ll keep it short, but know that I miss this space, and the things I used to write.  I miss attempting to be funny.  I miss taking note of the little things my kids do that aren’t really note worthy, but I’m always so glad that I’ve documented them here.  And I miss interacting with the people that read and comment here.

I can’t promise I’ll be back with a bang, but I do want to be back.  And there is the tiniest glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe there are some pockets of rest and space coming, and oh, what a sweet prospect that is.  


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