18 Weeks

12244742_10154249085641029_2937202413428332480_o(Ok, so technically, I’m at 20 weeks…but this picture is from a few weeks ago, so let’s just go with that shall we?)

So, I definitely announced that I was pregnant WEEKS ago, and I am definitely officially half way through this pregnancy and have not talked about it AT ALL in this space.  (and yet, I refuse to believe that this blog is dying a slow death…..sigh)

Anyway – let’s do what I always do when I’m pregnant (which kind of feels like all the time, which I know is ridiculously inaccurate) and pull out the handy dandy FAQ’s that I’ve been asked this time around.

1. How are you feeling?
Well by now, I feel great.  I’m basking in the glow that is the second trimester.  BUT, let’s rewind to weeks 6 through 13 for a moment.  Those? Those were pretty terrible.  I felt so nauseous and tired.  BUT (and there is a but), I probably shouldn’t complain.  I never barfed (for the record, I am STILL barf free after three first trimesters), and for that I am thankful, and I ALSO didn’t have to stop working (although let’s be honest, I had a few extra naps in my car from time to time), and I know it could have been way worse.  But if I had to rank the three pregnancies,  this one was by far the worst.

2.  Was this planned?
Can I just say that I have been a lot more put off by this question than I thought I would be?  I don’t even know why – I TOTALLY get why people ask it, and I KNOW I’ve asked it of others, but it feels like a weird question to answer.  Like people really must think it’s super weird that we have crossed the threshold of 2 to 3 kids and so there’s a dang good chance it must have been an ooopsie.  So, because I know people have really good intentions when they have asked, I’ll answer – yep – totally planned. We’ll just leave it at that.

3.  Do you know what you’re having?
Once again, we have decided to keep it a surprise.  We have loved having that moment right after each baby has been born finding out who each little one is, and so we figured, why mess with a good thing?  I will say though, this time, after our 18 week ultrasound, when the tech asked “You’re sure you don’t want to know the gender?” and I asked her “do YOU know?” and she responded with “of course!”  that was a little weird.  It’s like this perfect stranger knows more about our baby than we do.

4. When are you due?  
April 30th is the due date, but by now we all know that my kids like to take their time, soooooo, middle of May?

5.  It’s not a December baby!
I realize this isn’t a question, but it sure as HECK is a comment that I hear almost daily.  Correct, this fact is correct.  And while we are looking forward to having a baby in a different season, it really is ok that our other 2 kids are born in December.  It’s busy, but I never want them to feel like their birthday are an inconvenience.  (But yes, it’s true, this baby WILL be a spring baby, which will be fun)

6.  Any cravings?
As with my other two pregnancies, there seem to be ebbs and flows when it comes to cravings, and most have been related to what keeps the nausea at bay.  A SUPER weird side effect of the past 2 pregnancies is the INSANE amount of saliva in my mouth.  It’s not all the time, but when it comes, I honestly feel like my mouth could just be a constant stream of drool if I kept my mouth open.  During the weeks where the nausea was the worst, what made it even MORE worse was needing to swallow every 0.03 seconds. And you know what kept it at bay?  Pickles.  Yup, super cliche, pregnant lady alert.  There was just something about the sour crunch of a pickle that I can’t.get.enough.of.

Well, there you have it, the top bunch of questions I have to field often.  Here’s to the next 20 weeks!



One thought on “18 Weeks

  1. Tom Bosma says:

    Very interesting, Thanks for the info/update. May is a Good month, our Anniversary is the 29th(I am hoping that you deliver- long before that though). Have a Good finish(to this session), I’m sure that Ben will keep you supplied w/enough pickles!👍🍼

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