Three Weeks Later

My last blog post was exactly three weeks ago.  I have a few in the “drafts” folder that I have started, but not finished, and that pretty much sums up our lives this month.

My free time is so few and far between that I usually only have time to sit down with my thoughts long enough for them to start to be formed.  But not so much finished.  Perhaps this is where the term scatterbrained would apply.

This month has been extra busy  at work, as I am in a season of visiting all of the Home Churches (small groups) that I oversee at our church.  It’s a great month, one where I get a chance to interact with hundreds of the people in our church as I share an update, gather feedback and answer any questions they may have.   This home church tour happens once a year (intentionally, anyway.  I am still visiting my home churches more often, but this is the visit coordinated church wide), and it makes for a pretty intense month.

I calculated that I am out 21 nights of this month.  I am just gonna go ahead and make the correlation that perhaps, maybe just maybe, that’s why I wrote my last blog post 21 days ago.

I am nearing the end however.  I have 3 visits to go, plus 2 training meetings with my leaders, so this weekend and next week will continue to be a gong show, but then? Then I will rediscover what it’s like to put my kids to bed in the evenings.  Or to sit down and watch tv.  Or maybe read a book? Or, well, here’s a crazy thought, perhaps blog from time to time?

Despite a crazy schedule (and we haven’t even thrown Ben’s crazy work life into this mix yet), it’s been a good month.  Ellie and Zeke are so easy to roll with the punches, and if they aren’t making us laugh, they are laughing together at some silly thing we couldn’t possibly understand as their parents.
We have managed to find small (and I mean small), pockets of time to hang out together just Ben and I, and even though most days and nights consist of the revolving door around here, we are content, and our hearts are full.

And just because this blog has been lacking in the picture department recently, here’s our latest endeavour.  Tiddly Winks.  The kids have loved having a game they can play together, and sort of succeed in.  And by sort of, I mean that Zeke is aiming in the entirely wrong direction 80% of the time but still gets so excited when he pops his little coin up into the air. “I win! I win!”  12525561_10154409729931029_4913764520768964671_o


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