Energizer Bunny

I’ve not written nearly enough about Zeke in this space lately.  My goodness he’s 26 months old, and talks a mile a minute (I actually think he has a bigger vocabulary than Ellie did at this age, which I didn’t think was possible), and laughs and laughs at things and has very few ounces of baby left in him at all.

There’s one thing that I have written about a few times and that is since the fall, (when he learned how to climb out of his crib) we have at to change our strategy with getting Zeke to sleep.
It started by switching his crib to a bed and then gating him into his room each night so he could roam freely until he got tired of playing and protesting and then would fall asleep.

In more recent months, we haven’t needed to put up the gate, and for the most part, he just contentedly plays in his room until he just doesn’t anymore and falls asleep.

It just may be the cutest thing ever to check on him on our way to bed and just see him passed out at the last spot he was playing before tiredness overtook him.  Ben and I often joke that he just goes and goes and goes, and there’s really no convincing him to stop, until he’s just all tuckered out and plops down, toys strewn all about, and him in the midst of it.


Good golly do I ever love this kid.


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