The Little Things


Today started at its usual break-neck speed, and I wasn’t terribly excited as I looked ahead to the hours that faced me.  A midwife visit at the exact same time that I was supposed to be in a meeting.  A husband who needed to work at least 12 hours today due to meetings.  Facing the school/day care pick up-supper prep-bedtime routine solo.

None of it was super daunting, but none of it was really stirring me up with excitement, either.

But you know what? It was a pretty good day and truthfully, I’m just so thankful for the little things that helped to tip this day to the side of good, instead of mediocre.

The kids were healthy, and in good moods and for anyone who has kids, you’ll know that this is priceless currency.

My midwife appointment was switched around, and all meetings could happen according to schedule.

The kids played outside for almost 2 hours today after school/day care.  This is a first.  Having a 2 and 4 year old, we still mostly live in the world of 10 minutes of uninterrupted play, and then someone ends up at the back door asking for something, or crying because of an injury.  It was such a gift to get some things done (read: dinner) while they got to enjoy the incredible weather that today held.

My midwife appointment was a home visit and happened to coincide with the hours my kids played outside, meaning I could have an uninterrupted, solid visit with my midwife, who I really do love.  And then when it came time to check the baby’s heartbeat, I called the kids inside and there they stood, in the doorframe of our patio door, boots still on, grinning from ear to ear as they heard the steady thump-thump of this little one.

They then ran back outside and had a great conversation with the neighbour kids they were talking with over the back fence.  “Did you see the baby? Is it here now?”  “No – it’s not here, we just heard it.”  “What colour is its hair?”  “we don’t know yet, it’s not borned yet”.

We ate a dinner that involved no tears, emptied plates and actual listening during our bible story.

Even when Ellie whacked her chin on the table and bit her tongue so hard there are teeth marks all along the left side of her tongue that oozed blood for several minutes, she was quickly appeased by an ice cube and face cloth and the trauma seemed minimal.


So today, nothing made it a banner day that is really worth noting, but sometimes, its just the little things that add up to make it worth noting.



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