37 Weeks


Well folks, I’m officially “full term”.  And to that I say “ha!”  Doesn’t full term mean 42 weeks?  (At some point, I should probably at least acknowledge that there is a CHANCE this kid could come early….but for now, I’m fine to live in the zone of “we have a while left to go yet, so settle in and make yourselves comfortable”)

It IS kind of crazy to think that this kid could come at any time, or at least within the next month.  And just like with the other pregnancies, we have reached the time when we need to make our “if the baby comes tomorrow, what needs to happen so that we’re NOT screwed?” List.  

It feels like this list may just be a little bit longer than the other two kids, and at the very stinking top of this list is WE REALLY NEED TO SETTLE ON A NAME.  It will come, but if this kid really DID come tomorrow, it would be nameless, so at the top of the list it shall sit.  

We have ALSO reached the point in the pregnancy where because we are planning a home birth, I am feeling the pressure to make sure our house is somewhat clean and in order just in case.  I realize that this part isn’t essential to a successful birth, but there is just something about knowing that there will be other people in all areas of our home that makes me want to make sure the baseboards are clean, you know?  (ok, I’m kind of lying, I’m definitely not worried about baseboards….clean toilets? yes.  Baseboards? not so much)  The unfortunate thing about this is that we actually could have 5 whole weeks left, and that’s a long time to be “on notice” for having a pretty clean house.  It is currently in a GREAT state – bathrooms are clean, floors are scrubbed/vacuumed and laundry is up to date.  I really can’t promise this will be the state a bunch of weeks from now.  But a girl can dream right?

We can also title this week “The week my body gave up”. With my other two pregnancies, by this point, I did have a bit of lower back pain, but nothing that was hindering in any real way.  This time around, however, I have some crazy lower back pain that essentially rendered me useless this week.  Last weekend after probably “over-doing it” with too much walking, by Sunday night, I actually couldn’t walk.  I couldn’t tell you if it was nerves or muscles, or both, but in any case, I ended up with crutches and did my darnedest to not have to walk up or down any stairs.  
I had some great chiropractor adjustments and a massage last Tuesday which was incredible.  By incredible, I mean that it felt like my therapist was stabbing me repeatedly with a super sharp knife for an hour – but boy did it work.  For the first time in 5 days I couldn’t feel my back or legs -in a good way, as in, the pain was almost all gone.  It was so encouraging to know that at least there was a solution to my invalidity.  
So, my back is still super tight, and I am definitely limping and waddling in THE most cliche pregnant way – but compared to last weekend, I can handle it.  (And I foresee several more massages in my future before this baby comes)  Overall – it’s pretty humbling to actually not be able to do certain things and have people want to dote on my all the time because I look so incompetent.  

Finally – in case we’re not friends on Facebook, or you missed the link – it IS that time of year again when all of you get to place your bets on who this baby will be, and when they will arrive.  Up for grabs? A $10.00 Starbucks gift card.  Just click the link here
As far as the insider scoop:
Both my other kids were pretty overdue (10 days and 14 days)
They were 8.6 lbs and 8.15 lbs and both of them were 21.5 inches.

Have fun guessing and bring on the next 3 5 weeks!


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