Party of Five

It is currently 12:48 am, and my entire family is sleeping.  I should probably also be sleeping, but that’s the funny thing about having a newborn – sometimes your sleep schedule is so out of whack, that even though you are most definitely supposed to “sleep when the baby sleeps”, sometimes your body is so dang used to being up at all hours of the night, it’s raring to go at 12:48 am. 

Plus?  When you are now outnumbered by kids, 12:48 am is LITERALLY THE ONLY TIME TO GET ANYTHING ACCOMPLISHED.  

That’s not entirely true, but when it comes to the non-essential, non-urgent tasks like blogging, it kind of is.  

And so I’ll be keeping this short, but I just so want to keep this space updated and make at least a measly attempt to document our days, these days.

Life with Silas has been so sweet thus far.  He is a great baby, which, we are well aware could change at a moments notice, because that’s how babies roll – but we’ll take it for now!  He has started giving me a 5-7 hour stretch of sleep at night.  (I KNOW.)  And so truthfully, I’m actually feeling pretty normal for having a 2 week old baby.  When I say normal I still mean the kind of normal that involves having your boobs function as an open bar and the fact that I’m still only averaging 1 shower every three days, but that’s the thing with parenthood, it’s surprising how quickly you can adapt to a new normal all over again.

The other two kids are so sweet with him and the transition of adding him to our family has been really smooth for them, for which we are thankful.  Ellie said the other day “mom, I wish you could have twenty babies, because Silas is JUST SO CUTE”.  NOT HAPPENING KID.  Zeke has taken on the role of a proud older brother like a champ and his current favourite activity is to hold Silas’ soother in his mouth – whether he wants it or not -and loves to call him Si Guy.  (Which he does in this ridiculously high baby talk voice that couldn’t possibly get any cuter)

I have been trying my best to soak these days in.  That’s the thing with having been around this block twice before- there are things that I just knew that I wanted to do differently.  One of which was to not feel any ounces of guilt for choosing extra snuggles over chores.  Or for sitting on my butt instead of tackling a task.  These newborn days really are so fleeting, and it really is a big deal to birth a baby, and I wanted to honour those two facts more this time.  To give my body permission to rest well, recover well and not feel any urgency to “get back to it”.   And to hold my baby more than ever.  They only smell like a newborn for so long.  Their breath only smells of sweet milk for a while.  The folds in the crooks of their neck can’t ever be over-kissed, and they just grow and grow.  And so while yes, life is busy with three kids.  And while yes, life kind of has to carry on as normal with schedules, and school pick ups and meals to be made, etc.  I am finding pockets of time where it’s just me and him.  And his soft cheeks, and wrinkly toes, and sweet smelling head.  And it is oh so sweet.





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