Sorry For the Late Reply

Oh you guys, this has seemed to be my MO the past 6 weeks. Every email, text and returned phone call has seemed to start with these 5 words, and while I truly AM sorry that I can’t seem to get back to people in a timely manner, I have also resigned myself to the fact that this is kind of how it is going to be for a while.

At the best of times, I am not an awesome cell phone owner.  I don’t love the insta-world we live in, and have always sort of balked at the idea of constantly needing to be attached to my phone for fear of missing a text or a phone call.  For this reason, we held onto a landline much longer than was probably financially wise (given that both our cell phones are paid for by our jobs…) and I still am getting used to needing to pull my phone OUT of my purse because someone might actually need to get a hold of me.  And yes, I do realize how old and crotchety this makes me all sound.

And now, since having Silas, free time is a wee bit of a luxury these days, and while I am aware that it really only takes thirty seconds to reply to a text, if only to say “got it – I’ll reply later”, sometimes that thirty seconds isn’t available until days end, hours after said text or email was sent.

So if you’ve received said apology from me in the past month and half, you can be assured of a few things: 1)My delayed reply is not indicative of how I feel about our relationship and 2) Yes, you probably DID just get trumped by a poopy diaper, or changing a spit up onesie.  (But again, let me assure you that I really don’t hold poop in higher regard that you)

While you’re waiting for me to answer you – you can just stare at this face for a while.



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