Back At It

You know those daily memories that facebook sends you way?  The ones that show you pictures of your cute babies from 4 years ago when they weren’t almost 5 years old?  Today’s memory was about a blog post I wrote a few years back and shared on facebook, and so I clicked the link to re-read it.
I was caught down a rabbit hole of blog post, after blog post and was starkly reminded that I once loved this space. Writings that at the time seemed a little mundane, or pointless now seem rich with memories.  Things that probably actually were mundane at the time, that I never would have taken the time to journal about, or take a picture of, I now have noted somewhere to reminisce about the days, weeks and years that have passed.

It served as a great reminder that this place is important to me.  It’s not about readership, or goodness, even if I’ve taken time to edit each word (because YIKES, some of those posts had some rough grammar, folks) but that it’s about capturing the ordinary.

And so I’m back.  I don’t know what that means, or how often that will be, or even if I’ll stay at this web address. (Let’s be honest, it’s HIGH TIME to come up with something a little more creative than benandkarmyn no?)  But I am going to carve out the time to be here.
So stay with me, will you?  Welcome- if you’re new here! (I’m still baffled that people have faithful been reading, even with such long breaks), and THANK YOU to those that peek in here from time to time.  Say a hello and let me know you’re here.

Here’s to a new season of taking time, brain space and pause to make note of the life going on around us.


2 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Amen to ya sister! Glad to hear and (read) that you are back to blogging your mundane to meaningful happenings. It is indeed quite a nice time capsule in a way. I am happy to read your wise, funny, and captivating posts, however often you post them.

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