Sticking it to the Man

There are many reasons why I love my husband, several of which, I won’t get into now.  But one of those reasons is because he is pretty shameless fearless when it comes to interacting with sales people, and the public in general. Sometimes this does cause me to wander away, usually down another aisle of whatever store we are in until, pretending I’m not with him until he’s done conversing with them, and usually walking away with a much better deal than what has been advertised.    I seriously can’t believe the things he’ll get away with asking for and it makes me want to be invisible for a few moments.

This week, our local grocery store has had some pretty sweet deals on meat.  **It’s at this point that I should probably warn you this is going to turn into a responsible mature adult blog post about getting a sweet deal on meat…..Oh how the 25 year old version of me that started this blog 9 years ago would hang her head in shame at what sorts of things I consider blog worthy now.**   So, anyway, I come home last night with a few hunks of pork sirloin, some chicken breast, and 4 packs of ground beef and comment on how great the deals were.  Ben agrees and says we should stock our freezer, and clean out their supply.  He’s not wrong – I mean we SHOULD take advantage of this – but I say to him “You’ll have to be the one to do that – I’d be way to embarrassed to load up with that many packs of ground beef.”

(You can see where this is going)

So tonight Ben comes home and shows me this receipt


 He was so proud that he saved almost exactly as much as he bought and said that this is his way to stick it to the man.  We also learned that when there is no max limit on a sale item, the unspoken maximum is 24. There’s a tid bit of information you never thought you’d need to know.   Take that, man.

Side note: If anyone is in need of some meat, I may know a freezer where you can get some.



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