My Post Election Thoughts

For starters, let’s just all take a breath shall we?  I have really hesitated writing anything at all about this whole Trump-is-now-the-President reality we find ourselves in because it has felt like collectively, as a universe (or at least a continent), we got so riled up, we started talking before we started thinking.

Yesterday, scrolling through facebook, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of links, commentaries, articles, statuses and tweets that were being shared left right and centre.  This absolutely isn’t a judgement against anyone who posted anything, or shared anything – I had to resist the urge to hit like, share, angry-face-emoticon, etc, etc etc, just as much as the next person.  But just like in real life relationships, sometimes, you need to pause before speaking, wait 24 hours before replying to an email, and walk away instead of engaging in an argument.  Yesterday felt very much like that.  And while I know that it is well within my power to just not login to social media, and that I could have chosen to just step away from it all, I didn’t.  And so while I didn’t add my own two cents to the hurricane of it all, I certainly took a lot of it in. (as I’m sure many of you did)

Firstly, I found myself during most of the past 48 hours sitting in a seat of judgment.  It’s embarrassing to admit that, but it’s true.  I’ve judged Trump (a WHOLE heck of a lot), I’ve judged his supporters (probably even more), and I’ve judged on varying scales all of the clips/memes/articles etc that have circulated on how inspirational, motivational and true to my views they all are.  It’s an exhausting place to be in.  And I don’t think it’s what I’m called to do.   While I am absolutely allowed to disagree with so many of the actions and values that Trump exudes (oozes may be a better word choice here),  and while much of what he shouts from the podium is so un-Jesus like that I would be remiss if I didn’t have some level of holy discontent with him, the bottom line truth is that he is of infinite worth to Jesus, as we all are.

That said however, I do hold such a sadness for what took place 2 nights ago.  It is sad to me that money, power and persuasion win, and the prize is more money, power and persuasion.  And the “losers” often lack all three of those things.  (I’m not talking about Clinton here, either)

We shouldn’t be surprised.  I mean, we should – because HOW IN THE HECK did this just happen?  But our world is broken, and while things like this election shine a light on that truth a little more, nothing has changed really. As a follower of Jesus, Nov 9th, 10th and onward, should look no different for me than Nov 8th did.  Each and every day we are called to love our enemies, fight for the oppressed, and give a drink of water to those who are thirsty.  All this election did was remind me of this calling a little more urgently.

I have found myself thankful for 2 things post election: I am so proud to be Canadian.  Not because “we are better and would never do something like vote Trump in as President”  but just because, gosh darnit, we have it pretty good up here don’t we?  (As I revel in my year-long maternity leave)

I am so thankful that the kingdom of God is an upside down one.  If you find yourself reading this and aren’t a Christian, or don’t know much about Jesus, know this:  He came to break down power. When our world holds in such high regard those that have power, money and persuasion, the kingdom of God is one that says “God’s love for you is infinite regardless of those things.”  There is a hope and a peace for each of us because of Jesus.  The Jesus that sat with the poor, the outcast, the lonely, the sinners (read: all of us), the sick and the oppressed.  Those “losers” I referred to earlier?  Jesus calls them blessed.  They are of infinite worth to Jesus.

And so regardless of where you stand on this election (and really and truly, I have promised myself to stop judging anyone based on who they voted for), as the thoughts swirl around your head, like they have mine – fix those thoughts on Jesus.  Get to know Him if you don’t.  And if you do – than fix those thoughts on whatever is noble, true, lovely, admirable, excellent or worthy of praise.  Figure out how to live out his Love.



One thought on “My Post Election Thoughts

  1. T.Boz says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments, Karmyn,….Many, many, many words of truth-found here. God(our God), is Almighty,is in control of ALL things. I believe that if everyone(Christians especially) continue to put their trust in the Lord Jesus, then it is elementary who the earthly leaders are, because He gave a promise-never to forsake us! The

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