I’m Still (sort of) Here

Just popping in to say hello!  I say this every time I come back to blog that I genuinely want to write in this space more and, but it’s true!

It’s tough with three littles to keep alive, and our world so much preferring to consume Instagrammable bite sized shots of life, to really have the motivation to write here as much as I did.

But when I log in and see that readers have checked in, it does make me want to keep things going!

So consider this a check in of sorts.  Know that “on paper” (read: on the computer, just not on the blog yet), I am writing monthly updates to Silas, and hope to get those up here at some point.  (Remember him? That third child I never write about anymore?)

One thing you guys have to know though is that he is literally the happiest baby out there. Sweet mercy can he light up a room with his smile.  We are so blessed by his presence in our life.  See what I mean?


Oh you guys, I could fill pages and pages with how great this kid is.  Maybe I will someday soon.  Ellie and Zeke continue to just keep getting bigger and stunning me with the things they know, and can do.  It hits me sometimes that we just have KIDS now.  For so long we just had toddlers, and now we have real-life, honest to goodness KIDS.  Zeke is only three, so I’m desperately trying to keep him in the toddler zone, but he vocabulary is kind of ridiculous, as are the concepts he understands, so he is much more kid than I would care to admit to.

I am doing my best to soak in my last few months of mat leave (wow did that year every go by quickly), and while some days feel like I just spin my wheels all day with not much to show for it at the end, this year off has been SUCH a sweet time.

Ok, this is probably the most disjointed update I’ve ever written but at least it happened.  We’re celebrating the small victories here people.

Until I show up here again,



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