Because if I don’t have time to get the words down, at least there can be pictures right?

From left to right: (See you KNEW I couldn’t put a post up with JUST pictures right? This girl’s gotta talk….)

  1. It’s so ordinary, but something I don’t really want to forget.  If I ever sit at the piano, if only to putz around, it doesn’t take Zeke long to run up to the instruments bin in the toy room and come down with (usually) the Ukulele.  He loves to sing, play and make up songs, and I love that.
  2. Ben’s parents went on a 2 week trip to Israel and on the night they returned, we performed a highly covert mission to the church parking lot where their car was to decorate it before they returned home.  It was very sneaky and AFTER bed time, so you can imagine how many awesome mom points I scored that day.
  3. Oh this boy.  He is into everything, all the time and I love it.
  4. He also fell down the stairs.  Like, all of the stairs.  Uugh.  And had a MASSIVE goose egg and bruise for a while.  It’s finally almost cleared up.
  5. In early January we had family pictures done!  Here are a few of them! It also meant we could FINALLY send out a birth announcement for Silas.  It’s cool that he’s almost 11 months right?!?!

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